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Guyana: The African-Guyanese woman many Indians wrongly dislike – By Freddie Kissoon

New Book – Sanatana Dharma and Plantation Hinduism- By Ramesh Gampat

Gampat, Ramesh. 2015. Sanatana Dharma and Plantation Hinduism.  Explorations and Reflections of on Indian Guyanese Hindu.  Xlibris: Bloomingdale, Indiana.

“The share of Hindus in Guyana’s Indian population declined from 83.5 percent in 1880 to 62.8 percent in 2012.  Yet even a casual observer would conclude that Guyanese Hindus, at home and in the Diaspora, are a very religious people.  Many of us do a jhandi or havan once annually; others do the more elaborate and costlier yajña, where everyone is welcome, once or twice in their lifetime.  Most of us do a short daily puja – prayers, offerings, reading the Śāstras and listening to bhajan – in our homes.

Christian Missionaries worked assiduously to convert immigrants. Their first order of business was to denigrate Hinduism, designate Hindus as heathen, and disparage their culture, food and even attire.  Immigrants stubbornly resisted, led by the tiny educated elite, including Brāhmaṇas whom we call Brahmins.        Continue reading

Black + Indian Ceremony Script – A biracial marriage

Our best wishes to you both for a successful and long marriage.

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Fran 'N' Nelli

Hi everyone, a couple of people have asked me how I blended both cultures into one ceremony. A lot of fusion weddings have two different ceremonies on different days or the same day but as I touched on with previous posts, we decided to have one ceremony with our immediate family as the officiants.  Since we didn’t have the expertise of religious officiants to give us the scripts we made our own ceremony which made it even extra special.  We researched a lot of things on the internet and took SOME (keyword) advice from our close friends/family.  Thank you Google for allowing us to get married haha! And now to pay it forward for other engaged couples, we are happily giving you our ceremony online for you to hopefully enjoy along with some explanations, thought processes, challenges etc.

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Ghana’s unique African-Hindu temple – BBC

Ghana’s unique African-Hindu temple

By Rajesh Joshi   BBC Hindi, Ghana

The Hindu temple in GhanaThe temple is located in the capital Accra

The air is filled with the sweet smell of incense burning in a corner of the huge hall.

Wrapped in shiny bright clothes, idols of Hindu gods and goddesses smile benevolently from the elevated platform.

Sitting on the white marble floor a group of more than 50 men, women and children sing devotional Hindi songs.

Nothing extraordinary about this scene, except that the temple is in Ghana and the devotees are all indigenous Africans.          Continue reading

Sons of Gods – New Novel by Sharon Westmaas

Sons of Gods – New Novel by Sharon Westmaas

When Guyanese novelist Sharon Westmaas took an unofficial poll among her Western friends, she discovered that not one of them had read the great epic Mahabharata. It was then that she decided: the time was right to self-publish Sons of Gods—the “secret baby” she had been nourishing for over 30 years—as an e-book. Not that there is any dearth of Mahabharatas out there, written by a variety of authors both Western and Indian.  It’s just that to date, not one of these versions has yet managed to capture the public imagination. The Mahabharata is still a book that many people think they should read, but never do.

“I don’t blame them,” says Sharon. “Already the opening pages in so many of these versions are quite simply—boring, a mere summary of events. They give no hint of the sheer majesty and magic of the story. Reading should be a pleasure, not a duty.” Continue reading