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Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

By Freddie Kissoon

The brother of Minister David Patterson was arrested for narcotics in Grenada. Before that, there was a celebration in the New Amsterdam prison where prohibited items were in use. Bharrat Jagdeo took some nasty swipes at Minister Patterson. The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) took some nasty swipes too at Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Security.

Jagdeo thinks Patterson should do the right thing insinuating that he should resign though Jagdeo stated that the Opposition Leader is not calling on Patterson to resign. The IAC is demanding Ramjattan’s resignation. Both Jagdeo and the IAC are creatures from another world that the Guyanese people need to read up on. Here are some notes about them.    Continue reading

The crime plague 2002-2006: Revelations that will kill PPP leaders – By Freddie Kissoon 

The crime plague 2002-2006: Revelations that will kill PPP leaders

 Feb 01, 2018  – By Freddie Kissoon 

Mr. Jagdeo has gone on the offensive with the announcement that there will be a judicial inquiry into the crime vortex that almost drowned society between the years 2002 – when the infamous jail break took place – and 2006 when it abated. Mr. Jagdeo for the past three days has accused big wigs in the then-opposition PNC of having connections to the mayhem that emanated from Buxton.     Continue reading

Notable Guyanese who died in 2012

Notable Guyanese who died in 2012

Posted By Staff Writer On January 1, 2013

While many were anxious to welcome this New Year, 2012 will be forever etched in the minds of those whose lives were touched in one way or the other by the Guyanese greats who passed away this year.

They included professionals, artistes and even the world’s oldest blogger at the time of his passing. Stabroek News reflects on the lives of 19 persons who have left indelible impressions on so many.

January 13: Legendary music and boxing promoter Cyril Shaw died at the age of 89. Shaw is best remembered for the invaluable contribution he made in launching and promoting the career of world renowned Calypso King, the Mighty Sparrow and local calypsonians such as Lord Canary, King Fighter, Lady Guymine and many others. Shaw, according to friends and business associates, was a sterling example of the promoter every artist or entertainer longed for since many times he left himself and family without to satisfy the needs of those who entrusted him with managing and promoting their career.                 Continue reading

Senior police officers ordered to repay kickbacks

Senior police officers ordered to repay kickbacks

JULY 13, 2012 | BY  |    … $17M luxury boat purchase

  On the auction block – The police $17M luxury boat (right)

What was supposed to be a transparent, standard purchase of a 30-ft ocean-worthy boat has ended up as a scam involving a small group of high level members of the Guyana Police Force.
This is according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, with reference to the purchase of a $17M luxury vessel for regular patrols and crime-fighting purposes.   Continue reading

Fudging the books – Commentary

Fudging the books


It is clear that the Guyana Police Force received a sum of money during the pre- and post-elections period late last year. The police were requested to be in-lying and so be ready to move in the event of any eventuality.

A sum of money was spent for the upkeep of the force during the elections. We know that this year the government approached the National Assembly for a supplementary provision of $90.6 million to cover the cost of feeding and transporting the police during the elections period, and to ensure the mobility of the police  during the intensification of patrols in and around the city.

President Bharrat Jagdeo, in response to a question, said that his government had released $90 million to the police for the elections. We duly reported this fact and questioned the extent of this expenditure. The authorities never responded. Weeks went by; Divisional Commanders commented on the situation to report that they never received any money.
Instead, they said that they sought assistance from the business community for food and other supplies needed during the elections period. Again we asked questions about this $90.6 million, only to be met with a wall of silence. We tried to get answers at the Annual Police Officers’ Conference and got none. Continue reading

Greene’s conduct cause for concern – gov’t – Updates

Greene’s conduct cause for concern – gov’t  – Updates

(Demerara Waves) – February 8, 2012

The government on Wednesday, February 8, 2012,  acknowledged that the conduct of Commissioner of Police Henry Greene is cause for concern in light of his admission of sexual contact with a woman who had gone to him for assistance.

The woman has accused the Greene of raping her on November 22 last but the Top Cop is arguing in court documents that the sex was consensual. Greene has since secured a High Court order barring the police from charging him with rape as advised by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Addressing a reporter’s question at his post-Cabinet news briefing Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon admitted that the government was more concerned with the outcome of the rape allegation against the Commissioner.    more

Also Read:  Gov’t could ride Top Cop hard over sex confession

Also read:  Move by Greene’s attorneys not improper –former AG

Also read: Greene has lost the moral authority to lead Police Force-Women Lawyers’ Assoc.

FEBRUARY 10, 2012 – Kaieteur News

Two days after his attorneys secured a temporary order to block rape charges being slapped on him, the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL), has again called for the resignation of Police Commissioner, Henry Greene. The GAWL, in a press release, said that they respect the right of the Top Cop to pursue whatever legal [Read more]

Also read:  Greene should have been dismissed, not charged- sources – (Demerara Waves) February 12, 2012

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DPP recommends charges Henry Greene

DPP recommends charges Henry Greene

February 5, 2012 | By KNews |

Well placed sources within the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutors have confirmed that a criminal charge would be laid against embattled Police Commissioner Henry Greene on Tuesday. Kaieteur News understands that Greene is expected to be charged with rape.
This newspaper was further told that Greene is expected to be arraigned shortly at the Georgetown Magistrates Court before the Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry.   read more

Also read:

Police Commissioner Greene moves to the High Court to block rape charge ; says sex was consensual

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Top Cop probe begins with Jamaican team’s arrival

Top Cop probe begins with Jamaican team’s arrival

Demerara Waves  – January 6, 2012

A six-man team from Jamaica has arrived in Guyana and has begun its probe into an alleged sexual offence by Police Commissioner Henry Greene.

The team from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, which arrived on Wednesday, is headed by Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell.

“They are now trying to put things together,” a source told Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com).

The investigators are expected to be in Guyana for one week.

It is unclear how soon they will question Greene and the 34-year old woman who has publicly leveled the accusation against the Guyanese police chief. Read more

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OFFICER’S KWANZAA MESS – By Waltie Ainsworth


BY  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth         12 23 2011

A few days short of KWANZAA celebrations in the Diaspora, messed-up Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force, Henry Greene, is demanding that all his outstanding mess-bills be covered and or written off.  Mr. Greene is also demanding an exit package tantamount to and similar to that given to Bharrat Jagdeo.

Mr. Greene, who is a legal luminary and greedy pimpernel, is pointing his finger at Jagdeo and his cohorts for allegedly getting him in “this mess.’  Jagdeo/Roger Khan Inc chauffeured Greene into the top-cop position against the advice and counsel of  US, Canadian and European embassies.    Continue reading

Greene proceeds on leave in wake of rape allegation

Greene proceeds on leave in wake of rape allegation; opposition, women lawyers welcome decision

Demerara Waves: December 17, 2011

Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force Henry Greene has proceeded on leave as an investigation gets underway into a rape allegation levelled against him earlier this week

The announcement came via the Government Information Agency (GINA) and amidst strident calls from opposition parties and interest groups for him to either resign or step aside so that an unimpeded investigation could be done.

According to a GINA release on Saturday, President Ramotar has acceeded to Greene’s request for leave in light of the allegation against him with Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brumell to serve as Commissioner in the interim.  Continue reading

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