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USA Politics: Campaign Promises – Trump’s Biggest Lie – commentary

He Likes to Claim He’s Keeping His Campaign Promises, But Let’s Look at His Record

David Cay Johnston | DCReport Editor-in-Chief

Donald Trump’s latest flip-flops on healthcare and the Mexican border continue a pattern of promises, and reversals, that gets far too little attention. His flip-flops show that Trump ignores the interests of the party he latched onto in favor of whatever crazy idea pops into his head.

Although at his rallies Trump delights his uninformed supporters with claims that he’s followed through on his campaign promises — The Wall — he is actually delivering very little.

Candidate Trump promised a $1 trillion program to repair and improve America’s infrastructure but has done nothing. Had he pushed an infrastructure bill, the Democrats would have had to go along or risk the wrath of the working class. But instead, they can run on Republicans failure to fulfill the promise of jobs and smoother roads.                Continue reading