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GUYANA SPEAKS: 50th Anniversary of Hansib publications – December 13, 2020. 2pm-4pm GMT – London. UK


I would like to invite you to join Guyana SPEAKS in an online celebration of Arif Ali’s contribution to book publishing in Britain and the 50th Anniversary of Hansib publications.  This event taking place on Sunday, 13th December from 2pm to 4pm, (GMT) will include tributes, readings and entertainment.  All attendees will also be given a non-transferable 25% discount code for any books they would like to purchase from Hansib between 13th – 20th December 2020.

Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2010-< download


  • Page 1– Masthead picture – The Takutu Bridge;  Brazilian Trade Delegation visits Guyana. ICC – World 20/20 Competition in the West Indies links
    Page 2– Editorial; Map of Guyana;   Brazil-Guyana Trade talks (contd)
    Page 3 – Linden could be conduit to Brazil trade by year end.
    Page 4 – Guyana in USA List of “next decade” oil and gas producers;   Iran Geological Team Arrives.
    Page 5– Cheaper alternatives to Hope Guy$3.6B relief canal– says Engineers Group.; Gold declarations plunge 40% in January 2010; Guyana signs US$25M  IDB loan for Transport Infrastructure.
    Page 6– Japan provides 35 solar water pumps for Hinterland;  Scotiabank donates 100 computers to schools;   Red Thread inks Grant Pact with Japan;   Latter Day Saints donate gear to group.
    Page 7– GUYFEST – Crownsville Maryland, USA on July 10, 2010 – Advertisement
    Page 8– Arannputa women open Peanut Factory in Rupununi.
    Page 9– Bishops’ High School—Education Feature.
    Page 10– Last Lap Lime- 15th Anniversary;  Guyana Reunion Message;  BC Association- Rama Diallo; GABI-  Mashramani and Phagwah Celebrations, and the Caribbean Netball Competition in Barbados.
    Page 11– Hansib Publications—40 year Anniversary;   Lal Balkaran’s new book and DVD on Amerindians; Rocky Mirza Book on American Political History;   The Arts Journal.– March 2010.
    Page 12– Ron Savory’s Evocations at National Gallery in Guyana;   Godfrey Chin’s Nostalgias Link;  Ken Corsbie: Videos on Guyana and the Caribbean.
    Page 13– The Primacy of Hope by Dave Martins.
    Pages 14&15– Guyana and Local Government —The Village Movement —170th year Anniversary; History of Radio in British Guiana.

We hope you find it interesting!

Cyril Bryan. Editor / Publisher
Guyanese Online Newsletter and Blog

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