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Guyana carries continent’s highest suicide rate – video

Guyana carries continent’s highest suicide rate

The World Health Organisation says global suicide rates have increased by 60 per cent over the past 45 years.
In the tiny South American nation of Guyana, one in every 4,000 people end their own lives, the highest rate in the continent.

Guyana a country situated on the main land of South America has been reported to have the highest suicide rates in the entire continent of South America, and one of the highest in the world. These rates rank high among the Indo-Guyanese Population. There has been a tradition of suicides through hanging and drinking of pesticides.

However, it has not been acknowledged as a social problem until recently when religious groups and community workers decided to intervene by providing counseling. Speculations are that the economic pressures among religious contractions pertaining to courtships and marriage are the major causes.

Importantly, Guyana is the poorest nation in South America with its dollar being 200G =1US for over a decade now. Despite ecotourism industry, bauxite, gold and diamond mining sugar and rice exports there has been very little economic progress toward lowering the value of its dollar. As such, the cost of living is some 300% higher than the average income of the highest paid professional. (comment from Vauldine – Allvoices. Miami Florida)

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