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Guyanese women should fight their own battle

Guyanese women should fight their own battle

January 27, 2017 – Stabroek News – Letters – By Yvonne Sam

Dear Editor,


Yvonne Sam

Permit me to respond to the letter in Stabroek News of January 26, by Clement Rohee, captioned ‘Where were the women of Guyana on Saturday?’ (see letter below).  Yes, where were they?  It is apropos to quote a Guyanese saying: ‘It na good foh pick up other people fire rage.’ Do the women in Guyana need overseas impetus to jolt their awareness of what is taking place right in their own part of the world?

If as stated by the writer, almost every issue raised (with very few exceptions) affects women in every Caricom country including Guyana, then what have they all done thus far? Do they lack the skills to mobilize and spread awareness, or have they become complacent with their lot? Are there no local clarions to be sounded? No leaders to spur them into action?      Continue reading