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Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words – Ralph Seeram

Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words

OCTOBER 20, 2013 | BY  |

By Ralph Seeram

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

Just when you think the controversy over the Amaila Falls has died down, another round of doubts about the feasibility of this project has erupted, creating another Public Relations nightmare for the PPP government.

The PPP spent the greater part of this week defending and justifying going forward with the project, in face of doubts created by that iconic picture published by Kaieteur News of a near dried up Amaila Falls— the same falls that the government planned to spend  US$850M. When I saw that picture of a dried up falls, it created doubts in my mind about this project.

My idea of a waterfall is water roaring ferociously over the precipice, cascading down to rocks below, in full fury, certainly not one that flows less than I can urinate figuratively speaking.    Continue reading

Is the PPP now into Censorship? by Ralph Seeram


MARCH 3, 2013 | BY  | By Ralph Seeram

The phone calls were coming in from powerful people of the day, some abusive, some threatening and some accusing me of being an “enemy of the state”.

The term “enemy of the state” was used against persons who criticized the then PNC government, or took any action that appeared to make the government look bad. It was in the seventies, the height of PNC power where criticizing the PNC meant losing your job.

So what was it that caused the higher up in the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police force and senior PNC officials to harass me on the phone? I was then working for the then state owned Guyana Broadcasting Service in Berbice, I filed a story that a GDF officer and two of his colleagues were charged for transporting flour, a banned item at the time.    Continue reading

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