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Guyanese Online – News and Associations Events – May 31, 2018


Guyanese Online Entries at May 31, 2018

  • Guyanese Online Celebrated its Eight Anniversary in February 2018
  • Now over 5.5 Million views on this website
  • News, videos, articles and advertisements by Guyanese Associations 
  • News and Feature Items: May 26-31, 2018

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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – May 29-31. 2018

Guyana News Headlines: Demerara Waves – 31 May 2018

How ‘African’ is Northern Africa? – commentary

Opinion: Humanitarian Achievements of Venezuela’s Maduro Government

Opinion: Why Nicolás Maduro Clings to Power

Hurricane Season 2018 – Forecasters Predict Near-Normal or Above-Normal Activity

Airlines: WestJet says it has no plans to operate to Guyana

GUYANA NATIONAL AWARDS – By Verian Mentis-Barker – Commentary

U.S. Prisons: For some, like slavery without chains – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Race & Policing—-Time for a Broader Discussion – By Yvonne Sam

Guyana: Mae’s School controversy – re Amerindian Culture – By Adam Harris

In British Guiana, we had… – Letter by Harri P. Beharry

Barbados: “Economy in dire straits” – Exchange Rate in jeopardy – IMF Report

OH HOW HAPPY CAN GUYANA BE ! – Chris Prashad – Music video


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