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Guyana Recipes by Zorinaspice – 43 videos – autoplay

Guyana Recipes by Zorinaspice – 43 videos – autoplay

— Guyanese Online Post #2150

GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES – New Listings now available


Note: Recipes from the Guyana Outpost Website were no longer available for some time, as the site was closed. 

We have now recovered the links to these recipes from the archives. It has the most recipes in a wide range of categories:

     GO TO THIS LINK: Guyana Outpost Recipes


Here are some links to other similar websites.

1. GUYANA DINING     http://www.guyanadining.com/recipes/

2. REAL NICE GUYANA – Recipes    https://www.realniceguyana.com/recipes/

3. GUYANA PRIDE Website http://guyanesepride.com/recipe-list.php?catid=7

Local Dish by the Mighty El-Cid – calypso video

Local Dish by the Mighty El-Cid

One Of the best “old-time Calypsos” from one of the greatest Calypsonians: The Mighty EL-CID. Here he advocates the eating of local Guyanese dishes.

Port Mourant Market in Berbice – 2011

Port Mourant Market in Berbice – 2011

Guyana produces massive amounts of agricultural products.  Every market in Guyana reflects the variety and the high quality of foods on sale.

It is recently reported that Guyana has the highest per-capita consumption of fresh fish among CARICOM countries.  Vegetables and fruits are also in abundance and extremely inexpensive, especially in the country areas.

Here is a video of various market scenes in the Port Mourant Market in 2011.

It should bring back memories for those who have experienced various market scenes in Guyana………

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