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Guyana’s Post-Pandemic Recovery – Two Part Panel Series – Webinar- April 29-30. 2021

Photograph of the Community Benab's interior in Wowetta, Guyana. A Benab is a traditional communal meeting place for many of Guyana's Indigenous Peoples. Benabs are made entirely out of natural material & are usually circular in shape.

Post-Pandemic Recovery in Guyana: Two Part Virtual Panel Series on Community-Centred Approaches


Guyana is currently undergoing major socio-economic transformation. Little attention has been given to the country’s post-pandemic recovery, owing to the fraught political climate and sustained focus on the emerging oil & gas sector.

This two-part panel series seeks to address this gap by drawing attention to community-centered development approaches in two pillars of the country’s future trajectory, Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples and its Diaspora.        Continue reading