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IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE – by Dave Martins + video

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE by Dave Martins. –  June 19, 2016 – Credits Stabroek News

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Guyana’s music industry remains troubling to those of us involved in it, and while the issues surrounding intellectual property rights, including the contentious copyright aspect, are a key part of it, the problems are varied and complex. Recently, respected musician and teacher Derry Etkins pointed to one when he spoke out on the need for Guyanese to become more musically literate, and his point is valid – doing a recording here four years ago, I needed a cellist; I could find only one and she hadn’t played in 7 years.

However, the more fundamental issue for music in Guyana is that we lack the infrastructure needed to propel a music industry – essentially, places to play. The foundation, the very core, of any music industry one sees anywhere is that the aspiring talented young hopefuls that Derry is talking about, have places to go and learn their craft.  Continue reading


Dave Martins

Dave Martins


Following recent musical explorations in the country, including Dr. Vibert Cambridge’s excellent book, “Musical Life in Guyana”, the current depressed state of our music industry is once again a topic of discussion. We are hearing renewed calls for more music education in the schools, and for ways to make instruments more affordable.

A well-known music teacher stressed the need to identify and foster singular musical talent. Some have called for the creation of a Guyanese “national sound”, and there has been the inevitable shout for government funding for music studios and facilities. It is fair to say that, particularly following Dr. Cambridge’s book, serious concerns have been raised about the state of our music industry today.  Continue reading

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