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Is choka the key to a healthy diet? – by Ron Persaud

Is choka the key to a healthy diet?

By Ron Persaud


It is a “New Year”.  As if you did not know!

And with it come New Year resolutions. You have heard of them!

And among those, there is sure to be at least one concerned with weight loss and / or dieting… and I have been thinking about this!

Here are my thoughts:

For the first 40 years of my life, I followed a typical Guyanese diet and had very few health problems. I was lean and mean, rather like my nanee (my mother’s mother); and quite active.

Well, there was this one problem. Whenever I asked my doctor, “What can I do to put on an extra ten pounds?”

Dr. Brahmam would reply, “It is better to be under-weight than over-weight.”  And that was good enough for me.    Continue reading

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