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Guyana: Belgium cocaine bust: GRA recovers image of shipping container suspected in 11.5 ton shipment

The false inside of a shipping container from Guyana.

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has recovered a key image of a shipping container suspected to have contained 11.5 tons of cocaine that had been busted in Belgium in early November, multiple sources have confirmed.

They have also recovered hundreds of other deleted scans of various containers.

Officials said the process was painstaking and delicate in order not to damage the hard drive that stores images of scanned shipping containers. The officials said the contents of the hard drive were recovered from the Chinese-made scanner by specialised equipment obtained from a key Western Nation that is involved in the global narco-trafficking fight.    Continue reading

OPINION: Scrap metal cocaine shipment from Guyana – Just another chapter


Yet again, Guyana has been implicated in a major international transshipment of cocaine.

This time a whopping 11.5 tonnes intercepted by the Belgian authorities this month at the port of Antwerp amid scrap metal. Yet again, as has been the pattern over the last two decades, it appears that no-one will be held accountable here for the shipment. The police and the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) are fairly adept at apprehending small-scale drug enterprises but have failed at these large-scale cocaine operations which appear to radiate with impunity from these shores even with the presence of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Continue reading

GUYANA: Cocaine Smuggling: Serious deficiencies exposed in GRA’s system – CANU report

Nand Persaud, Berbice’s biggest rice miller

A major investigation involving the seizure of one and a half tonnes of cocaine by German authorities in a container of rice that came from Guyana, has raised troubling questions about the system at Customs.

It appeared that local investigators, including those from the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU), were stumped when it was discovered that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) system, called Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA), was reflecting something other than what left Guyana.      Continue reading

Guyana Bauxite Mining: Rusal tells GRA auditors: “leave or we leave”

GRA’s Godfrey Statia

The startling disclosure was made Friday by Commissioner-General Godfrey Statia during a press conference.

The Russian-controlled company is under fire, for the umpteenth time, for not only its labour practices but for taxes and other issues.

A few months ago, questions were raised over possible abuse of duty free concessions on fuel and dividends paid to the Government of Guyana.        Continue reading

Guyana: 20 arrested, trucks, vessel, smuggled alcohol seized in GRA raid

Guyana:  smuggled alcohol seized in GRA raid at Parika

What GRA seized on Friday

A major intelligence-driven operation has resulted in millions of dollars worth of liquor seized in a raid on Good Friday.

According to officials of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), yesterday, 20 persons were arrested in the exercise that took place in the vicinity of the Two Brothers gas wharf, Parika East Bank Essequibo.            Continue reading

Guyana: 1000 taxpayers under review for unexplained wealth – Tax Chief

March 19. 2018. – Kaieteur News By Kiana Wilburg

Godfrey Statia – GRA

Whether it is a politician or a businessman with the world of clout, nothing will stand in the way of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in going ahead with its audits on taxpayers who appear to have unexplained wealth.

In fact, Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia was able to confirm that there are at least, 1000 taxpayers under review.   Continue reading

80 Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) staffers fired last year in corruption clean-up

Guyana: Failure to activate all IT modules aided rampant corruption, billion$ lost – GRA boss

For over ten years, officials within the Ministry of Finance had failed to implement crucial elements /modules of a computerized accounting system from Canada. This programme was intended to ensure accountability for how taxpayers’ money is budgeted and spent by the government.
It appears, however, that the Ministry of Finance was not the only agency that neglected its duty in this regard.

In fact, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) failed to implement critical parts of an Information Technology (IT) system for almost a decade. The consequences of the entity’s actions in this regard only contributed to billions in revenue leakages and rampant corruption.  

New Controls Being Implemented.   Continue reading

Guyana: One in every five remigrants is bogus – Tax boss

There are major problems facing the country’s Remigrant Scheme, offered to overseas Guyanese who want to return home to invest and live here. Almost one-fifth of them are deliberately selling their multimillion-dollar vehicles under

GRA’s chief, Godfrey Statia

questionable arrangements, while almost a similar number are failing to live up to the conditions under which they were granted the exemption, in the first place.

Speaking on a number of issues that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is working on to close the loopholes, Commissioner-General Godfrey Statia last week disclosed that an assessment has found some troubling things.   Continue reading

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