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Guyana: Queen’s College celebrates its 175th Anniversary – By Subraj Singh

By Subraj Singh – Guyana Chronicle – November 3, 2019THIS year marks exactly ten years since I graduated from High School. I went to Queen’s College (QC) from 2004 – 2009 and this school, incidentally, is celebrating its 175th anniversary.

I find it strange that this school is so old and has a long and storied history, with so little of it documented. This lack of proper documentation means that much of the legacy and lore of the school can only be passed on through oral traditions, from the alumni to the people, which in the 21st Century is a bit antiquated method. Of course, there are the sporadic bursts of publications here and there, but there is nothing comprehensive that tells the school’s story from the days of handsome Victorian scholars to the multicultural coed institution that now represents the best high schoolers in Guyana.        Continue reading

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