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The Teacher’s Union Strike in Guyana – Commentary by Lincoln Lewis

Those condemning teachers’ action today would have supported it under a PPP/C Govt.

The teachers are today pursuing a cause they consider just and fair by asking the Government to sit down and negotiate with their union, the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), for a new package that includes increased salary and better working conditions.  It is known employers generally will not acquiescence to workers’ demands unless workers are prepared to struggle for it. The case of the teachers is no different.

In 1999, the public-school teachers and public servants took to the streets in a long strike demanding increased salary and better working conditions from the PPP/C Government. That strike resulted in the establishment of two arbitration panels. One that addressed the concerns of the public servants was headed by Dr. Aubrey Armstrong and the other addressed the teachers’ concerns, and was headed by Father Malcolm Rodrigues, who at the time was a lecturer at the University of Guyana.     Continue reading

Commerce: The old business methods need revamping – By Adam Harris

The old business methods need revamping

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Opinion - commentary -analysisI live in a country where people do two things very well; they complain a lot and they point fingers at everyone who just happens to be the source of some disappointment. This past month I have been hearing complaints about the state of the economy. Many in the business community say that business is down.

What that means is that the businesses are not getting enough of the people’s money. They say that the people are just not buying because they do not have money. This set me thinking about the people who support these businesses.

Over time I have been hearing about the influx of Chinese businesses and the cheap products that they have on offer. It goes without saying that people try to get the best for their money.  Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 26 Sep 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 26 Sep 2013

  • Credit Bureau soon to open.
  • St Roses Toronto Alumni refurbish court.
  • Equip The Police Force better -Opposition Leader Granger.
  • Set up proper Road-blocks: Police Commissioner.
  • AFC on Budget 2014 talks
  • Luncheon gives assurance that the employees of (GINA) would be paid.
  • OAS coming to check Corruption.
  • Furniture store Courts is on an expansion drive.
  • The Guyana Public Service Union wants to see rights respected by Gov’t.
  • The Office of Professional Responsibility has cleared police ranks of torture allegations.

Click links below to view the TV video reports:-       Continue reading