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Guyana Politics: Time for another National “HUG” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Do you recall when Guyana did a “HUG” so big that it almost stretched all around our 83,000 square miles? That was back in May 1996, as Guyana was celebrating our Thirtieth Anniversary of Independence.

By-the-Way, for those who do not know what this “HUG” I’m referring to is all about, let me explain. Some Patriotic Guyanese got this great idea, that for Guyana’s thirtieth Independence anniversary, we should all hold hands while standing along our Public roads, stretching from town to town, village to village, community to community – a sort of human chain called “HUG” – an acronym for “Hands Uniting Guyana”.

So let me pose this question; “Is it time for Guyana to have another National “HUG”? Let’s say either during Republic 2020 or Independence 2020?          Continue reading

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