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GUYANA: Police ranks’ firefighting training helps contain blaze at CID headquarters

The Narcotics Branch building in the CID compound where the fire erupted

The fire, which is still being investigated, occurred just after 10:00hrs at the Narcotics Branch building located in the northwestern side of the CID compound.

The fire, which was contained to that building, was quickly extinguished by some members of the Force who were in the facility at the time.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Murder: Roger Khan says he was real target in attack

—- Police say doing thorough probe of murder outside Palm Court..

Ricardo Fagundes
Ricardo Fagundes

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) today said that it is doing a comprehensive probe of the murder of Ricardo Fagundes two weeks ago outside of the Palm Court Bar on Main Street.

The GPF issued a statement in relation to remarks by drug convict Roger Khan that the investigation had been compromised and that the police force had made no real effort so far.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Claudette Singh accused of facilitating abuse of GECOM staffers’ rights

Kaieteur News – The Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Justice (Rt’d) Claudette Singh, is accused of facilitating the abuse of the rights of GECOM staffers’ by the

GECOM Chairperson, Justice (R’td) Claudette Singh.

Guyana Police Force (GPF).Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Joseph Harmon, during a press conference yesterday said that the arrest and charges that are being laid against several GECOM officials and staffers by the GPF, in relation to electoral fraud committed during the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections, amount to harassment by the forceContinue reading

Guyana Elections 2000: GECOM dubs joint services vote a smooth one

Coping with accountability – commentary

Coping with accountability

Posted By Stabroek staff On October 9, 2012 – Editorial |

Setting aside the importance of finding out the truth about the circumstances that attended the killing of the three men at Linden during the July 18 protest in the mining town, the ongoing work of the Commission of Enquiry is important for another equally good reason, which is that it brings us – and more particularly the Guyana Police Force – face to face with the principle of accountability as an important tenet of democracy.

If the truth be told we have often been left with the impression that some institutions of state, not least the Force, are uncomfortable with accountability. That is precisely why sections of the independent media are doing everything in their power to report the unfolding events of the Commission of Enquiry. Quite simply, we are witnessing the altogether unaccustomed spectacle of the police being made to account publicly for civilian killings.  [read more]

Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians – video

Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians

Two policemen assigned to the Kato station at Region Eight in Guyana  went on patrol on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  They were missing for a number of days and it was thought that they had an accident. It has now been revealed that they were shot by Brazilian miners, who hunted the down, after they were robbed by the policemen.

Read Report: Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians    see video by Capitol News Below

Bodies of two missing policemen found –  Capitol News Video


There has to be another way- Roman Catholic Bishop

There has to be another way- Roman Catholic Bishop

Guest Columnist  – by Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne.
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 17:45  –  Demerara Waves

Ten children in a mini-bus commuting from Georgetown to home in Diamond are delayed in traffic for hours and witness fire, and confrontation between police and civilians; they hear verbal threats and harsh language.  They are scared, tired, hungry and in tears.  There has to be another way.

Frightening new images and haunting memories link the past with the present.  No one, no community, and certainly not the nation benefit from the assaults and injuries inflicted by waiting criminal opportunists and stealth operators.  All the noble aims and intentions are smothered and lost in the graphics of fires and masks and detritus.  Nobody benefits.  Continue reading

AFC blames Dr. Luncheon for Agricola protest – video

Alliance For Change blames Dr. Luncheon for Agricola protest

The Alliance For Change hits back, saying Luncheon’s singing is what taunted the people of Agricola, causing Thursday evening’s protest.

The seven-seat parliamentary opposition party, AFC, is putting the blame of Thursday’s protest at Agricola, squarely at the feet of Dr. Roger Luncheon, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat. The Government has sought to blame the AFC for the protests which left thousands stranded for hours and some persons robbed.    Continue reading

The Guyana Police Force: two commentaries

The uniformed Bad Boys of the Guyana Police Force and their overridden Commissioner –  commentary

Written by realTalk  – Demerara Waves – Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Since 1992, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has consistently failed in its mandate to protect and serve the people of Guyana. Instead, it has become a most corrupt and brutal force, in the defense of notorious drug lords, lawless and incompetent politicians, and the friends of the friends who enjoy close affiliation with the ruling party. Guyanese continue to be intimidated and terrorized by the bands of uniformed bad boys belonging to the GPF.

That the tragedy of Linden occurred with the police at the center of it ought not to surprise Guyanese. Extrajudicial killings from post 1992 became the hallmark of the GPF.  Read more:   [The uniformed Bad Boys of the Guyana Police Force]

The Undermining of the Police Chief by the PPPC government has caused untold suffering for Guyanese

The questioning of Acting Police Chief Leroy Brummel revealed what some knew and many had suspected for years. That the Police Chief was largely a nominal figure. A place holder position designed by Rohee and the PPPC government and that the Police Department has been deliberately under-resourced, under-manned, under-paid and under-trained by the PPPC government. What was also made clear is how the Police Chief was systematically undermined and his authority usurped to ensure that he would only as powerful as Rohee and the PPPC government wanted him to be.    Read More  [The Undermining of the Police Chief]

OFFICER’S KWANZAA MESS – By Waltie Ainsworth


BY  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth         12 23 2011

A few days short of KWANZAA celebrations in the Diaspora, messed-up Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force, Henry Greene, is demanding that all his outstanding mess-bills be covered and or written off.  Mr. Greene is also demanding an exit package tantamount to and similar to that given to Bharrat Jagdeo.

Mr. Greene, who is a legal luminary and greedy pimpernel, is pointing his finger at Jagdeo and his cohorts for allegedly getting him in “this mess.’  Jagdeo/Roger Khan Inc chauffeured Greene into the top-cop position against the advice and counsel of  US, Canadian and European embassies.    Continue reading

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