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Guyana Police: Cops’ numbers were found in slain bandit’s phone

  • ranks call for corruption probe, implicate senior officer

Stabroek News  11 June 2019

Kelvin Shivgobin

The numbers of four policemen stationed in ‘B’ Division (Berbice) were found stored in the cellphone of accused bandit Kelvin Shivgobin, who was killed in the recent shootout at Black Bush Polder and some of their fellow ranks want an independent investigation as they say the four are engaged in corrupt practices and are being aided by a senior officer in the Guyana Police Force leadership.

The ranks, who only spoke on condition of anonymity, told Stabroek News that they believe that if they do not speak out on the corrupt practices, nothing will be done and they said the situation is already “getting out of hand.”        Continue reading

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