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Guyana Nostalgia: Jane’s Party – By Geoff Burrowes

 – By Geoff Burrowes

I have to admit that I like happy endings. Ever since I read “…and they all lived happily ever after.” But the truth is that into every life some rain must fall – and this story has heavy  rain – Guyana rain!

       I was twelve and had discovered  girls – I wasn’t a sweet man or a hustle man, I was too naïve and timid, but my sister Mary had taught me to dance, to the lovely  piano tunes of Randolph Proffit, on a Friday night and I liked the feel of a girl in my arms as we circled the floor!  So I was looking forward to the party this Friday night. In addition the boys and girls were older and we didn’t normally get invited to their parties.      Continue reading

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