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GUYANA: OIL: ‘Don’t rush the National Resources Fund (NRF) Bill’ – David Patterson

  • Opposition needs three months to scrutinise NRF bill
  • says Govt. rushing to quickly put hands on oil money

By Davina Bagot – Kaieteur News – Dec 24, 2021

David Patterson

Shadow Oil and Gas Minister, David Patterson has accused the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) of forcing the critical National Resources Fund (NRF) Bill into legislation, so as to quickly access the fund.

The NRF is one of the latest Bills laid in the National Assembly and outlines the way in which the earnings from oil and gas production are to be spent. In fact, the Bill was tabled only on December 16 and is slated to be debated on December 29 and passed. There have been calls for the proposed legislation to be discarded even as some asked that it be sent to a special select committee as is done with complex bills. Already a civil society group, Policy Forum Guyana has filed a petition to Parliament for the bill to be stayed.        Continue reading

Gov’t can spend up to November 30, 2015 without approval – Ram

Gov’t can spend up to November 30, 2015 without approval – Ram

November 13, 2014 · By Stabroek News  · Comments

Christopher Ram

Christopher Ram

Analyst Christopher Ram has slammed President Donald Ramotar for suspending parliament using a provision intended for a different purpose and he also noted that without further approval, the government can continue spending up to November 30,2015.

Ram lamented loopholes in the constitution reform process which allow prorogation to thwart a motion of no confidence and called for a new constitution.

His latest column on www.chrisram.net follows:


The President has done what many, I included, feared he would – but still hoped he would not do – prorogue the National Assembly. In so doing President Ramotar was exercising a power that then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham retained for himself under the Constitution of 1980. Continue reading

President directs that Parliament be convened within 14 days

President directs that Parliament be convened within 14 days

President Donald Ramotar has directed that Parliament be convened within the next 14 days. The move comes after weeks of wrangling over who has the authority to convene Parliament and intimations that the government and APNU were considering a possible deal that would delay the motion of no-confidence to be moved by the AFC.

A release from the Office of the President follows: Continue reading

Guyana: PPP says Local Gov’t elections not possible by August

PPP says Local Gov’t elections not possible by August

The National Assembly recently passed a Bill for Local Government elections to be held before the start of August this year, but the General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, said readiness for elections does not have just to do with political parties, but also with the elections commission, GECOM, and when it is ready to administer the elections. The PPP has three Commissioners at GECOM, and they have indicated that an elections by August 1 is too soon.  Continue reading

Guyana: The Procurement Commission – by Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor ,

When the Procurement Act received the President’s  Assent in 2003  the  establishment  of the Procurement Commission was already part of the Constitution.

Since the President’s Assent in 2003, two PPP/C Presidents of  Guyana  took the Oath of office– one in 2006 and the present one in 2011.  Each solemnly pledged to uphold  the Constitution as it was then. Did they take the Oath with a “mental reservation” ?

There are reasons why the ruling party will not like the provisions of the Procurement Commission. First, its members are chosen not by the Minister but by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly. This method goes against one -party control.  With the power in the hands the Minister, as in the Broadcast Authority Act,  32 becomes  33 and 33  becomes 32.   Secondly,  the Procurement Commission, once   appointed, takes over  the review,  functions and the “grievance  procedure”  of the  hand-picked National Procurement and Tendering Administration (NAPTA.)   Continue reading

National Assembly adjourns – opposition’s refusal to let Rohee speak – videos

National Assembly adjourns following opposition’s refusal to let Rohee speak  –  video

Posted: 08 Nov 2012 02:45 PM PST

The National Assembly was brought to a noisy end this afternoon just about an hour after the sitting began as the Opposition members prevented Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee from speaking by thumping on their desks and chanting that Rohee must go. The Speaker after two attempts to bring the house to order, was forced     [more plus video]

Home Affairs Minister Rohee has no intention to go  – video

Posted: 08 Nov 2012 02:44 PM PST

A defiant Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee today said, he does not intend to move from that portfolio as long as he enjoys the confidence of the President and his cabinet Colleagues. The Home Affairs minister was speaking just after the speaker was forced to adjourn today’s sitting of the National Assembly as the opposition     [more -plus video..]

Guyana: Battle lines drawn in Parliament

Battle lines drawn in Parliament…House Speaker warns Luncheon not to provoke a constitutional crisis

OCTOBER 20, 2012 | BY KNEWS | – says President could be failing duties  

 “The Office of the President is cautioned not to provoke a constitutional crisis as there is no winner in such a scenario, but rather, to respect and recognise the reality, authority and legitimacy of the 10th Parliament.”-Speaker Raphael Trotman      Continue reading

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