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Guyana History: Demerara-Mahaica Railway – South America’s First Railway + video

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The Demerara-Mahaica Railway was the first railway system implemented in British Guiana and South America. It was built only twelve years after the first railway was built in England. Planters and proprietors on the East Coast of Guyana sought a cheaper way of transporting their produce to the capital of Georgetown since it was costly to transport their produce by river in schooners and vessels or on unpaved roads. With the approaching emancipation of slaves, they also were in need of new labour and thought of replacing manual labour with machinery and thus the idea of constructing an iron railway was birthed.        Continue reading

Guyana History: The West Coast Railway (1897-1971) – in Colonial Guyana

 May 23, 2020 – Things Guyana

All Aboard! The conductor blows his whistle and the train begins its journey, chugging along the expanse of plantations along the West Coast of Demerara. Such was the experience of the common Guyanese in the early 1900s. As recently as the 1970s, there was train tracks and greenery that stretched on as far as the eyes could have seen. This was because most of the villages that exist today on the railway embankment on the West Coast of Demerara did not exist.          Continue reading
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