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GUYANA: The Myth of Food Security – By Akola Thompson


Despite having the official label of being a food secure nation, it is no secret that Guyana is anything but. Large pockets of our population struggle with access to food and are undernourished.

Poverty stands as one of the main contributing factors towards food accessibility, but other things such as geography and the ever-increasing threat of climate change also have a significant role to play. This has become even more pronounced given the health, environmental and social circumstances that we are currently experiencing.

With coastal portions of Guyana lying approximately one meter below sea level at high tide, our nation has largely become expectant, if not accustomed, to flooding. While during May-June periods these floods come and go with little fanfare, this year – 2021 – has seen significant changes.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Close to 90 percent of Nation’s crops and livestock destroyed by floods – Agri. Minister

GUYANA: Flood waters receding across Guyana – Civil Defence Commission

Paddling past a flooded Region 7 home (CDC photo)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 22:05 by Denis ChabrolFlood-hit communities across Guyana on Wednesday seemed set to breathe a sigh of relief, begin mop up operations and slowly crawl back their lives to normalcy.

“Due to moderately  improved weather conditions and drainage of lands, flood waters have begun to recede across the country with several Regions reporting significant decline in the height of flood waters, however given the extent of the flooding there still remains some amount of water in some communities,” the CDC said Wednesday night.        Continue reading

GUYANA: June 2021 Flood disaster worse in regions 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10 – CDC

A CDC map showing the various levels of flooding in each region
A CDC map showing the various levels of flooding in each region
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