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Guyana Elections 2015- APNU+AFC Joint Manifesto online

APNU+AFC Manifesto launched

APNU+AFC Manifesto launched

Here is the Official APNU+AFC Manifesto – released on April 30, 2015

Download the Manifesto:




The following document was leaked earlier:

Read/ Download:  Guyana Elections 2015- APNU+AFC Joint Manifesto 



The coalition has issued the following statement:

APNU+AFC tonight is concerned about the dissemination of an incomplete and unofficial document purporting to be the coalitions’ official manifesto. 

While substantial parts of the document contain policy initiatives that are currently being discussed, it can by no means be considered an approved statement of policy of both the APNU and the AFC.

Further dissemination or reliance on this document is therefore not recommended, as it does not represent the official manifesto of APNU+AFC.

Editor’s Note: Since this document is already in the public domain we have not deleted it from this blog…but please note the statement of the APNU+AFC above.

Guyana 2030: An Overview of Options & Opportunities for National Development + video

Guyana 2030: An Overview of Options & Opportunities (O3 ) for National Development – (see PDF slides and video presentation below)  

Guyana 2030This conceptual proposal being presented under the title ‘An Overview of Options & Opportunities (O3) for National Development’ for your consideration was crafted by Stanley Ming, Eric Phillips, Joseph Singh and Supriya Singh. It is a synthesis of historical and updated studies, implemented and planned projects, and interpretations that derive from the global environment. It represents the fundamentals of an integrated plan of action which will have a transformational impact in propelling Guyana into a modern, prosperous country for the well being of current and future generations.   Continue reading

PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected …

PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected by all citizens – commentary by Brutal Facts

The Guyana Chronicle editorial on July 3rd  (see below), allowed us a peek into the mindset of the ruling PPPC party. As evidence of corruption continues to be revealed, citizens of Guyana are slowly realizing how they have been disenfranchised by this cabal for the past 19 years. Every dollar stolen from the Guyana treasury is a dollar taken away from better roads, improved education, running water, crime, healthcare, more jobs and government’s ability to carry out their mandate of improving the lives of Guyanese citizens through development.

The corruption is so pervasive and the leaders so entitled that they display an unapologetic boldness in revealing the spoils of their nefarious activities. From the ever growing concrete mansions to the multiple North American vacations, to the luxury cars, multiple foreign and local investments to the ongoing acquisition of prime properties in Guyana, the corruption continues unabated; So much so that the latest defector from the PPPC party, Mr Ralph Ramkarran exhausted himself fighting against this tide. He simply gave up and walked away.  Continue reading

Govt. signs secret deal to expand CJIA

Govt. signs secret deal to expand CJIA

NOVEMBER 19, 2011 | BY KNEWS |link

… Upset Chinese contractor revealed info

An unspecified deal for which a Chinese bank is putting US$138 million (G$27.6 billion) has been signed to expand the country’s lone international airport, but the Guyana Government has not said a word of the deal.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the Chinese company, China Harbour Engineering Company said that the Guyana Government is annoyed that the company has gone ahead and announced the signing of the project. It has since moved to block the company from releasing any further information.

CHEC announced on its website that it had signed a contractual agreement with the Guyana Government to be the official contractors on the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion. The company said that the project will be funded by the China Exim Bank to the tune of US$138 million.   Read more

also this article:

CJIA ‘secret deal expansion’ hinges on securing Chinese loan


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