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Guyana History: DAYS ON THE BASE – by Dave Martins + Music Video

December 16, 2018 ·  DAYS ON THE BASE  by Dave Martins        Credits Stabroek NEWS

The preliminary photos of our revamped airport terminal at Timehri, remind me of the time I spent there after I graduated from Saint Stanislaus College in Georgetown. It was our only international airport, and while the name of the place was actually Atkinson Field, from the time when the Americans created a base there during World War Two, Guyanese didn’t refer to it that way.

To us it was “The Base” and it became a coveted place for a weekend visit (providing you got the precious visitor’s pass). I had been introduced to it while I was still at Saints; my eldest sister Theresa had married Joe Gonsalves, the Fire Chief at The Base, and I visited them often, and ended up living with them when I got a job at B. G. Airways, working in the office and occasionally going on flights as a Flight Clerk to the interior dealing with passengers and cargo manifests.          Continue reading

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