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Nation- Building: Ethnic Tolerance and Social Cohesion – By Lear Matthews

Ethnic Tolerance and Social Cohesion: Pathway to Nation-building in Guyana

  • By Lear Matthews

Cultural traditions embody the bedrock of a nation’s survival. Guyana is described as the “Land of Six Peoples”, an expression of its multi-ethnic heritage. In an attempt to sustain the multicultural foundation, the Guyana Cultural Association Inc. promotes the concept of “bridging” among diverse groups both in the homeland and the diaspora, thus highlighting the potency of propagating cultural/emotional connections.

The goal is to provide the opportunity to ‘keep in touch’ with one’s heritage, to learn more about other groups and the socio-cultural vibrancy it could generate. The hope is that this adds to the possibilities of national unity, as well as helping to create conditions for collective planning and execution of development projects that benefit the entire nation.            Continue reading

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