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UK: Wealthy Guyana-born Lawyer Gina Miller Launched Her Own Party and Invited The World’s Media …

Mrs. Gina Miller

By Henry Deedes for THE DAILY MAIL

With Wembley Stadium presumably not available, Guyana-born, Gina Miller summoned the world’s media to Westminster early morning on 12 Jan 2022 for the launch of her new political party. 

Mrs. Miller is the fabulously wealthy City investor and anti-Brexit litigant whose 2016 court case forced Theresa May to run her EU withdrawal agreement past Parliament first.

As launches go it was not exactly Cape Canaveral, with pluming rocket boosters and cries of ‘3-2-1 lift off!’ By my count, about a dozen people turned up to a painfully empty room beneath the shadows of Westminster Abbey:             Continue reading

UK: Guyana-born Gina Miller: Police investigate contract killer advertisement

Gina Miller

Guyana-born Gina Miller has had to employ round-the-clock security after court victories on Brexit

Police are investigating a crowdfunding page which sought to raise £10,000 to have campaigner Gina Miller killed.

The GoFundMe page targeting Ms Miller, who twice won Supreme Court cases challenging the government on Brexit, was first posted in April.        Continue reading

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