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Indian prime minister to visit Guyana and Suriname

Indian prime minister to visit Guyana and Suriname
By Ray Chickrie-  Caribbean News Now contributor – October 7, 2014

India's P.M. Narendra Modi

India’s P.M. Narendra Modi

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Guyana and Suriname early next year. Since Indira Gandhi’s visit to Guyana in 1968, to seek support against Pakistan, no other Indian prime minister has visited Guyana. And it will be the first ever visit to Suriname by an Indian leader.

Hindustanis make up large chunks of the populations in Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. They begin arriving as indentured workers in Guyana in 1838 and in Suriname in 1873, mainly from the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and comprised about 80 percent Hindus and 20 percent Muslims.  Continue reading

Where are businesses in Caribbean business?

Where are businesses in Caribbean business?
By Sir Ronald Sanders
Published in Caribbean News Now     

The countries of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), with the exception of Guyana and Suriname, are each experiencing severe decline in their economies. The small Leeward and Windward Islands are worst affected, and so too is Barbados.

Sir Ronald Sanders is a 
business executive and 
former Caribbean diplomat
who publishes widely 
on small states in the global 
community. Reponses to: 

Governments are struggling to find ways in which to spur economic activity that could produce growth. Meanwhile, unemployment and poverty are growing. Unemployment is highest amongst the youth, making for an alarming situation.

Presenting a lecture to students of the University of the West Indies recently, I received the greatest applause and nods of approval, when I lamented the fact that there were now many graduates of the University who were unable to find jobs that correspond to their level of qualifications, if they could find any jobs at all.

In this regard, many Caribbean countries are like pressure cookers, waiting to explode. Only migration and remittances from family abroad are easing the pressure. But, even these valves are not sufficient to relieve discontent completely. Continue reading

Suriname – South America – videos

Suriname – South America – videos

By: Guyanese Online – October 8, 2011

Suriname, formerly Dutch Guiana, is situated on the northern coast of South America.  It shares its western border with Guyana; its eastern border with French Guiana and its southern border with Brazil. Their land area is about 64,000 sq miles versus Guyana’s 83,000 sq miles, with similar geography and natural resources.

Suriname is a member of CARICOM, the organization of Caribbean countries, that allows for limited free movement and investment between its members.  Many Guyanese, especially former Berbicians, have moved to or are working in Suriname.  The population is now around 500,000,which includes about 50,000 Brazilians – not all included in the demographic statistics below.                                        Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2010

Newsletter – September 2010

Guyanese Online – September 2010 <click

Please click the title above to download the September edition of the Guyanese Online Newsletter.  This  issue is 16 pages.

The September Newsletter e is packed with Guyana News, as well as the news from various Guyanese associations.  It also has three pages featuring  Guyanese Arts and Culture  with reviews of books by various Guyanese.

In our Historical section we have a number of articles on Indentureship, with the focus on Indian Immigration to British Guiana after slavery was abolished and a two-page feature article ” The Indian Presence in Guyana”.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.

Please forward it to your family, friends and anyone interested in Guyanese news and culture.


Cyril Bryan,  Publisher and Editor.

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