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The Caribbean needs radical change at LIAT – Commentary

The Caribbean needs radical change at LIAT

Published on August 29, 2013 – Caribbean News Now

By Robert MacLellan – Commentary

Last week our hospitality consultancy organised a visit by potential developers to the Eastern Caribbean. The participants on the trip — from UK, China, Trinidad and St Lucia — all experienced significant delays or cancellations on LIAT flights. I have travelled regularly with LIAT throughout the Caribbean for over 16 years but recent events represent a new low point. The challenge of convincing investors to consider tourism developments in those islands, which are served primarily by LIAT, is now onerous indeed.

Gregor Nassief’s recent open letter to the LIAT board of directors has already catalogued the airline’s worst ever performance over the last three months and called for management heads to roll. This solicited a response from LIAT’s chairman, Jean Holder, which addressed virtually none of Mr Nassief’s points and seemed only to confirm the level of delusion in the highest ranks of LIAT management. Having received a worthless and self serving response, Mr Nassief has since called directly for Dr Holder’s resignation.     Continue reading

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