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Guyana Politics: ‘Jump high, jump low’, Gov’t and Opposition must return to Parliament – Lincoln Lewis

Mar 17, 2019 – Kaieteur News – Eye on Guyana with Lincoln Lewis

Jump high, jump low, the Government and Opposition will have to return to Parliament. Irresponsible utterances by those only interested that come 21st March the government is deemed “illegal” will prove to be immaterial, because our lawmakers, who are paid by the citizens, will have to return to the National Assembly and do what they must. They have no choice, jump high, jump low.

Even when nations are at war their leaders talk, because resolution comes from sitting at the table, hammering out differences, and proceeding to make agreements to be honoured thereafter. Somehow our politicians think that this natural course of events will elude them or they will not have to so subject themselves.

Guyana is not at war with herself, and her leaders must do much better to ensure the business of this nation is being conducted in a manner consistent with the office and responsibility they hold.      Continue reading

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