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Harmon hides behind GINA on BK Tiwari issue

Harmon hides behind GINA on BK Tiwari issue

Despite widespread criticism about the now revoked appointment of prominent Guyanese businessman, Brian “BK” Tiwari as a ministerial business adviser, Minister of State Joseph Harmon broke his promise to hold a news conference on Friday to deal with the issue.

Instead, Harmon spoke with the state-owned Government Information Agency (GINA) which issued a release and made no reference of the Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Larry London and Tiwari being on the visit to China  with Harmon at the same time.

Harmon Thursday morning promised  faithfully that he would have fully briefed the media on the issue on Friday (April 1, 2016).    Continue reading

Georgetown cleanup – Adding insult to injury

Adding insult to injury

Stabroek staff– December 13, 2012 – Editorial |  Comments

It is bad enough that for more than two decades, residents of and visitors to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, have had their senses assaulted by the sight and smell of garbage. Piles and piles of it, thrown just about anywhere and left sometimes for weeks at a time.

Worse, residents have had their yards, and often, their homes flooded after the slightest drizzle of rain, causing damage to costly furniture and appliances, because drains, canals and alleyways are clogged with thick mud, riotously growing vegetation, which almost seems as if it has been fed with Miracle Gro and again, garbage – plastic bags, bottles and cups and cardboard and styrofoam boxes.     Continue reading

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

 Stabroek News – April 30, 2012  EditorialComments

Where theatrics and histrionics are concerned, the government has outdone itself on the opposition budget cuts that have reduced subventions to the Government Information Agency (GINA) and NCN to a dollar. Of course, the cuts relate to real people with real lives and there must be commiserations for the dislocations that may be caused to these workers. However, the jobs of these persons employed by GINA, in particular, are well within the resourcefulness of the government to preserve and not one of them needs to be sent home. Unfortunately, by parading them on the picket line the government is continuing to exploit the workers in the same manner it did in the last two administrations and which has now resulted in the opposition-led budget cuts. Continue reading