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GUYANA – Capitol TV News videos – 23 September 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News videos – 23 September 2015

  • GDF ready
  • Illegal occupation
  • Surprising delivery at hospital
  • Gold smuggling to be tackled
  • Defective vehicle sold to poultry rearer
  • Sports

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Guyana: ‘Landlordism’ rampant in mining industry

‘Landlordism’ rampant in mining industry


– powerful miners grab up hundreds of thousands of acres, evidence of little monitoring

As the new government continues to battle smuggling, safety breaches and a number of irregularities, it appears that yet another challenge has emerged in the gold mining sector.
A significant portion of the mining lands has fallen into the hands of a few powerful businessmen, raising concerns over the extent of what is known as “landlordism”.
Insiders within the regulatory body, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), as well as from the sector, are now insisting that the practice of landlordism is widespread despite what is being said.  Continue reading

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 11 September 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 11 September 2015

  • Address wandering children
  • No gold smuggling
  • Market vendors – Agreement
  • Gov’t waiting for repayment
  • Bank: Giving Back re Education
  • Carjacked
  • Sports

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GUYANA- Latest News – 10 September 2015 – various news sources

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News Reader: GUYANA: Newspapers and online news – Latest Entries


GUYANA- Latest News –  10 September 2015 – Demerara Waves

GUYANA- Capitol TV News Latest Videos – 09 September 2015

GUYANA- Capitol TV News Latest Videos -09 September 2015

  • Guyanese held for cocaine in Greece
  • USA – Cocaine smuggling cases – Legal advice
  • Gov’t tackling gold smuggling
  • Progress in Local Gov’t election preparations
  • Turn in illegal guns now
  • No unity on Social cohesion
  • Sports

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GUYANA – Latest News – 27 August 2015

 GUYANA – Latest News – 27 August 2015

  • GRA denies Customs Officers’ involvement in gold smuggling; vows crackdown on smugglers – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/1NKwkR4
  • PPP leaves government to own devices over budgetary “deceit” – Demerara Waveshttp://bit.ly/1hISAPl
  • Caribbean fishing industry ends meeting on upgrading food safety systems – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/1JzMEhf
  • UWI plants first legal marijuana plant for medical research – Demerara Waveshttp://bit.ly/1fJ9DPg

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Gold smuggling…Industry calls for tighter border checks

Gold smuggling…Industry calls for tighter border checks

JUNE 12, 2014 | BY  | – dealer buys the most, declares the least

Stakeholders of the gold industry are calling for tighter border controls amidst claims of smuggling to Suriname.

Stakeholders of the gold industry are calling for tighter border controls amidst claims of smuggling to Suriname.

Stakeholders in the gold mining sector yesterday called on Government to tighten security at the country’s borders, including those with neighbouring Suriname, amidst shocking reports of a large-scale smuggling operation.

At the centre of the allegations is a dealer from the North Georgetown area who is being accused of buying hundreds of millions of dollars in gold from miners and instead of declaring it to authorities, which would attract a mandatory seven per cent tax and royalty charge, reportedly opted to sell it in Suriname.

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Guyana records highest ever gold declaration

Guyana records highest ever gold declaration

Published on December 19, 2013

Guyana Gold Production

Guyana Gold Production –  Source Guyana Gold Boarrd

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) — Guyana has recorded the highest ever gold declaration of 458,105 ounces as at December 16, 2013 surpassing the previous highest level of 455, 918 ounces in 2001; which included the declarations of both Omai and small scale operators.  

This announcement was made by the minister of natural resources and the environment, Robert M. Persaud.   Continue reading

Gold trade in Thailand … satisfying the Indian market

Gold trade in Thailand

Gold trader in Thailand

Gold trader in Thailand

Bullion backwash

Seven persons arrested for Curacao gold heist

56 of 70 gold bars recovered from Curacao heist…

………  Thieves sent 30 to US buyer via FedEx

DECEMBER 29, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Authorities in Curacao and the US have made some major breakthroughs in the investigations into last month’s multi-million-dollar gold bar heist in Curacao.
According to news reports from that Dutch Antillean island, police in recent days arrested six suspects, including a prominent downtown jeweler, Giovani Regales. Some 56 gold bars have been seized in Curacao, Kaieteur News has since learnt.

Curacao’s police in a statement yesterday said that of the seven persons arrested, one of them is from Bonaire, another Dutch Antillean island; three from Venezuela and the remainder from Curacao. One of the suspects was since released while the others are still being interrogated. During the investigation, the police said that they have confiscated articles that are “very important for the case”.         Continue reading