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Suriname – Sell Off – video

Suriname – Sell Off – video

Deep in the jungles of South America, the culture of escaped slaves has been preserved for over three centuries. But their unique heritage is now being threatened by developers.

The former Dutch colony of Suriname is home to the largest undisturbed expanse of tropical rainforest and the highest number of ethnic groups in the world. “You have the indigenous people, the bushnegroe cultures. It’s a unique and wonderful mix that is not found anywhere else,” explains Russel Mittermeier from Conservation International.

But with 70% of the population living below the poverty line, the government is considering selling forest land to developers. “Our government has put our forest out for sale,” laments resident Cornelly Olivera. But indigenous people see themselves as the legal owners of the forests and are determined to fight all developments.

Entry submitted by Dmitri Allicock.

Suriname taxes gold miners en masse

Suriname taxes gold miners en masse

Posted By Stabroek staff On August 2, 2012  Regional News | (de Ware Tijd)

 PARAMARIBO — The revenue service has sent tax assessment forms en masse to entrepreneurs in the gold mining industry, especially those that have put up a lucrative business.

Owners of the so-called ‘gold pontoons’ and ‘scalians’ the colossal vessels on the Corantijn, Suriname and Marowijne Rivers are the first to be taxed. Revenue Service director Tony van Dijk confirms sending the assessment forms. ‘We know that mostly foreigners that have put up a lucrative gold mining business. It does not matter if the businesses in fact belong to Surinamers, they have to pay. Owners of concession and heavy equipment are also taxed. I would not be able to look the man in the street in the eye if I ignored the gold industry.‘  Continue reading

Keep an eye on Suriname – letter

Keep an eye on Suriname – letter

AUGUST 18, 2011 | BY  |  LETTER from Ray Chickrie

Dear Editor,

Former military leader, and now democratically elected President of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, is keen to put a positive international spotlight on his country.  That is the case so far.

Just a week ago, Fitch upgraded the sovereign foreign currency credit rating for Suriname one notch to B-plus, citing a stronger credit position and improvements in its balance of payments.

The rating outlook was revised to stable from positive. Suriname is moving ahead in its quest to develop its economy without the help of Holland, its former colonial master.    Continue reading

Suriname eying US$3.5B of investments

Suriname eying US$3.5B of investments

Posted By Stabroek staff On August 9, 2011

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – With four big investments in Suriname planned for the coming three to four years, the country must start preparing now to fully benefit from these financial injections. The labor market in particular must be made ready, says Henk Ramdien, retired managing director of bauxite company Suralco.             Continue reading

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