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Guyana’s Gold … Industry buckles down to harsh International Scrutiny

Reality TV in Guyana…‘Bamazon’ boys mine G$3.4M in gold

Reality TV in Guyana…‘Bamazon’ boys mine G$3.4M in gold

January 31, 2013 | By |

“Just call me Denver,” said Chris Gamble, a member of the eight-man mining team from Alabama. “I got the nuggets.”
But did he? The entire crew, headed by Tim Evans, a Tallapoosa County real-estate developer, was hoping to get rich from a six-week stint in Guyana. “Judgment Day” was at hand on the January 27 programme, capping a rugged reality series on the History channel.

As is typical for “Bamazon,” the workers faced nerve-wracking problems with their equipment, and the men labored feverishly under severe time constraints. Apparently, everyone had to leave the mining camp before water levels got too low in the nearby river, making exit from the jungle impossible.   Continue reading

The tale of two Guyanas – By Gordon Burnett

The tale of two Guyanas

By Gordon Burnett

Now that you’ve seen the happier feel-good “Guyana at Christmas” postings, there is a darker side to the country that I must share. This is a tale of two Guyana’s, separate and unequal in almost every respect.

On one hand, there’s the Guyana of the spectacularly wealthy. The citizens can shop at its most expensive boutiques, live in upscale neighborhoods and drink champagne at its swankiest nightclubs. This  Guyana is fueled partially by an explosion in gold production and its illegal export, so much so that it has overtaken the narcotics trade as Guyana’s main export. A recent sign of this bonanza is the fact that someone recently jacked up a very large gold shipment in Curaçao and no one seems remotely interested in claiming ownership.  Continue reading

Corruption in gold mining sector under scrutiny

Corruption in gold mining sector comes under scrutiny

MAY 16, 2012 | BY  | By Leonard Gildarie

 …local consortium proposes refinery

An age-old practice by holders of large and medium scale exploratory permits to allow illegal gold mining has drawn fire from government quarters.
During a luncheon in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Guyana Gold Board (GGB), Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, said it is a major issue being tackled by his newly established Ministry.

Some of the companies involved in the illegal act are prominent ones and the guilty parties could very well face sanctions and see the seizure of the Prospecting Licence, Persaud warned yesterday during a session with reporters and stakeholders at the Sleep Inn Hotel on Brickdam.

According to Persaud, there is clear evidence, via written agreements and otherwise, of the illegal actions.   Continue reading

New mine deal offers $$M to national coffers

New mine deal offers $$M to national coffers


…yield set at 300,000 ounces per annum

Sandspring Resources Inc and its affiliate ETK Inc yesterday signed a partnership agreement with the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) for a large scale mining operation that could yield 250,000 to 300,000 ounces of gold on an annual basis.
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Chairman of Sandspring Resources Inc, John Adams and GGMC Chairman Major General Ret’d Joe Singh were signatories to the agreement at the Office of the President.
President Bharrat Jagdeo, PPP Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar, key stakeholder in the endeavour, Alfro Alphonso, who discovered the Toroparu property, and Sir Shridath Ramphal and advisor and Norman McLean, a key stakeholder, were witnesses.        more

Newsletter – June 2010

Newsletter – June 2010

(click above or below to view 16-page newsletter)

Guyanese Online Newsletter -June 2010< download

In This Issue

Parliament Building - Georgetown. Guyana

Parliament Building - Georgetown. Guyana

Page 1– Masthead Picture: Parliament Buildings in Georgetown; President Jagdeo’s Independence Speech for 44th Anniversary.

Page 2-  EditorialVideos on Life and Education.

Page 3– Guest Editorial – New Models of Governance

Page 4-  Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago Elections

Page 5– Guyana Tourism – Guyana Jamboree 2010.

Page 6—Guyana News with Headline News links

Amaila Falls Hydro Project;  RUSAL Hydro  Project Talks;   Governance links; Agriculture;  Gold and Diamond Mining Issues.

Page 7—Guyana News with Headline News Links; Golden Grove Community Centre Opens; St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Fire—News links

Page 8– Business Page with GO-Invest links

Page 9– Last Lap Lime – 15th Anniversary

Page 10- Associations: Guyanese Association of Georgia; Guyanese Association of  Barbados;

Page 11-  Associations: Guyanese association of Manitoba;Q.C. Alumni—”Fireworks in Queens”;“A Taste of Guyana” in Toronto; Friends of  Victoria Village “Creole Breakfast”; Buxton-  170th Anniversary Celebrations; The Arts Journal;  Ameena Gafoor’s column

Page 12- Arts and Culture: Tony Phillips—artist –  Website; Olga Lopes-Seale  – “Fun Run”  in Barbados;  Godfrey Chin: “The Forties in British Guiana.”

Page 13- Arts and Culture: “Reds” Perreira launches book on his life;“Come Walk With Me”  A book of  Poems by Francis Yvonne Jackson living in Chicago.

Page 14– 15- Historical:  “Glimpses of Kingston”  1948. Written by Joy W. Small in Kyk-Over-Al

Page 16– Advertising- Guyana Telephone Calling Cards;  Caribbean Cargo and Packaging Services.

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