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GUYANA: Short Stories: Words – By Geoff Burrowes

Words – Geoff Burrowes

I love words! Words can weave magic, as in the case of geniuses like William Shakespeare or Winston Churchill, Ian Macdonald or Godfrey Chin but also, terribly, words in the hands of monsters like Hitler or Stalin can cause untold horror and destruction!

I remember, when I was young reading “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, which was fascinating and later reading two books by the same author which were borderline fantasy. I can’t remember the names of either book but I remember the writing which was magical! It was like a puff of smoke which quickly dissipated in the breeze but the memory of which stayed with the reader. I’m sorry I can’t explain it better than that! True artistry!      Continue reading

News from Moray House Trust – Georgetown Guyana – videos

Moray House Trust

Moray House Trust


From: Isabelle de Caires Moray House Trust – www.morayhousetrust.com.

Moray House Trust, a legacy of the late David de Caires, is a cultural initiative to foster and preserve artistic expression and the diverse culture of Guyana.

Video … some of the recent presentations at Moray  House Trust.

From the above you would have seen that we have had a busy programme of events so far this year at Moray House Trust.   Highlights included:

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Notable Guyanese who died in 2012

Notable Guyanese who died in 2012

Posted By Staff Writer On January 1, 2013

While many were anxious to welcome this New Year, 2012 will be forever etched in the minds of those whose lives were touched in one way or the other by the Guyanese greats who passed away this year.

They included professionals, artistes and even the world’s oldest blogger at the time of his passing. Stabroek News reflects on the lives of 19 persons who have left indelible impressions on so many.

January 13: Legendary music and boxing promoter Cyril Shaw died at the age of 89. Shaw is best remembered for the invaluable contribution he made in launching and promoting the career of world renowned Calypso King, the Mighty Sparrow and local calypsonians such as Lord Canary, King Fighter, Lady Guymine and many others. Shaw, according to friends and business associates, was a sterling example of the promoter every artist or entertainer longed for since many times he left himself and family without to satisfy the needs of those who entrusted him with managing and promoting their career.                 Continue reading

Nostalgia 433 – Remembering Byron Lee … Godfrey Chin

Keith & Ken with Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Jamaica Ska

1964 footage of Byron Lee & The Dragonaires with shared vocal duties by Keith Lyn & Ken Lazarus demonstrating the latest dance craze from Jamaica: the Ska!.

Nostalgia 433 – Remembering Byron Lee … Godfrey Chin

Byron Lee was and will forever be one of the great Musical Stars of the Caribbean – ranking with Bob Marley – Sparrow – Kitchener, and Arrow. As part of my Nostalgia Series, I record here my reminisces of this perennial ‘star.’

Before Byron had cut his first record 1960 – he played at the Astor Cinema, Georgetown, on his first tour locally, and requested a moon spot on the screen behind, on the stage for the right ambiance for the song played.                 Continue reading

Remembering the great Guyanese Godfrey Chin who passed on Jan 16 2012

Godfrey Chin 2013-com

Godfrey Chin passed a year ago on January 16, 2012.

This picture tribute was submitted by Dmitri Allicock.

Here is one of his Nostalgias, carried in Guyanese Online on September 27, 2011

Nostalgia 566 – Saga and Romance of BRICKDAM  …. 

By: Godfrey Chin 

Brickdam – the oldest street in the Capital City of Georgetown was formerly a muddy quagmire, difficult to traverse by horse and carriage even though it was built up with debris and cinders, from the too frequent fires of the nineteenth   [ read more]

The rise and fall of Guyana’s cinemas – Godfrey Chin

The rise and fall of Guyana’s cinemas

By Godfrey Chin

Nostalgia 456

As a nostalgia buff languishing in reminisces of our wonderful yesteryears – before Independence – the current demise of our cinemas is a total shock and a tragic disappointment.  Most of us were ardent movie fans, and cinemas played a major role in our maturation then. One must only wonder whether the demise of cinemas in Guyana has in some way resulted in the decay today of the current moral fibre of the nation.

Before the advent of talking pictures 1927 (Jazz Singer) and the first Academy Awards 1929, British Guiana had a prestigious movie palace called the Gaiety, at Brickdam and Camp Street, which was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1926. By 1930 the London Cinema on Camp Street had installed sound, and another cinema was in place in New Amsterdam. The Metro on Middle Street changed its name to the Empire to accommodate the Metropole, which opened with The Merry Widow (Maurice Chevalier/Jeannette McDonald, 1934). Empire’s first movie was the Prisoner of Zenda with Ronald Coleman. I was born that year, but gleaned that ‘nylon’ subsequently from my fabulous pamphlet collection. If I had brought them up to the States when I ‘exiled,’ man, I could have retired rich.    [Read more]

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MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video

MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video

This is a new video just released by “Slingshot” Drepaul as a Road March song for Mashramani 2012.

It has been dedicated by him:  to the memory of  the late Godfrey Chin (1937-2012), the man who popularized the phrase “Ya tink it easy?!!!” in his publications… May his soul RIP.

I the meantime listen to this vibrant tune and visualize Mashramani, if you will not be there this year. ENJOY!!!


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Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. Newsletter

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc.

January 2012 Newsletter


The January 2012 Newsletter of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York has been released.  It is edited by Tangerine Clarke and has 27 pages. 

In this issue it mourns the passing of one of its board members—Godfrey Chin.  It announces: GCA TO ESTABLISH THE ANNUAL GODFREY CHIN PRIZE FOR HERITAGE JOURNALISM

Comment by Peter Halder:

Open the January Newsletter of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York and read and enjoy its feast of reports on Guyanese arts and culture.

In it is also a distinguished, eminent and “Ya Think It Easy” tribute to distinguished Guyanese art, culture, folk and nostalgia hero, the late Godfrey Chin.

You may also with to view page 14 on Guyana Literary Hang 2012 and the picture promo on the right of the book “The Cat of Muritaro” by yours truly. It will be released for sale in June. It is a collection of eight Guyana adventure tales embroidered in folklore.

Peter Halder –  peterhalder@hotmail.com

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Nostalgia 576 – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

Nostalgia 576 –Ya think it easy – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

Introduction by Godfrey Chin 

Nostalgia 576 –Ya think it easy – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

The attached is Derrick’s personal account of his ‘calamity in Bangkok’ where this Guyanese has been living for several years – making a difference as we ‘Guyanese do, wherever we ‘settle’.

Derrick has introduced ‘pan in Thai and his innovations in several altruistic ventures has been nationally recognized. In British Guiana he was instrumental in introducing ‘Pan in Schools – serving under Lynette Dolphin at the National Arts Council – supported local talent and artistes such as Annie Haynes and Lady Guymine and had many popular costume entries in the Guyana Festival of the early sixties.           Continue reading



By: Godfrey Chin  –  godchin2@gmail.com

 Guyana is on the verge of winning ‘Gold’ at the Miss World with their popular representatives 22 year old Arti Angelita Cameron ( at Miss World )  the paragon of feminine pulchritude – a dark horse favorite. Recently Miss Kara Lord placed 17th at the Miss Universe Contest in Sao Palao, South America.

 In anticipation of laurels soonest – this nostalgia buffs seizes the opportunity to record the saga and romance of our former Queens before the Nation became a Republic 1970.

 Phyllis Woolford was crowned Miss Guiana 1947  – three years  before Miss World was initiated as an International Beauty Contest in the UK by Eric Morley.     Continue reading

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