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The Caribbean Voice’s Newest Spokesperson:  Gmac Citylock (Garfield Mclean)

A registered tax exempt NGO in the US & Guyana

Contact: The Caribbean Voice at 646-461-0574                          Gmac via Kissandra Fox at 246-834-6148


             Gmac, The Caribbean Voice’s Newest Spokesperson

New York, July 26, 2019: Jamaican reggae and dancehall star, Gmac Citylock (Garfield Mclean) had joined The Caribbean Voice’s (TCV) suicide prevention campaign as a member of our team of spokespersons.

The Caribbean Voice is a not for profit, tax exempt NGO, registered in the US and Guyana, with plans to also register in Canada and Trinidad and Tobago next year. A fully volunteer run entity, TCV is engaged in suicide and abuse prevention in the US, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, with plans to launch in Canada and Jamaica within the next two years, followed by the rest of the Caribbean down the road.        Continue reading

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