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Guyana: My problem with Indian academics writing about African Guyanese – Freddie Kissoon

Guyana: Local residents and the Diaspora – 5 Letters to the Editor

Guyana: Local residents and the Diaspora – 5 Letters to the Editor

Here are five recent letters to Stabroek News that highlight the issues relating to Guyanese residents and the Diaspora.


There is a division between the locals and the diaspora

By Anthony Pantlitz –On January 5, 2016 @ 5:11 am In Letters

Dear Editor,

There should be a poster at the Cheddi Jagan Airport which reads: “Diaspora not wanted in Guyana.” I believe that not until the diaspora forms its own political party, will they have representation in the Guyana government. Despite the fact that every past and present government has encouraged the diaspora to return home and rebuild the country, none of them meant it. It was just a show.   Continue reading

Guyana Elections -The reckless desperation of the ruling party – by GHK Lall + video

The reckless desperation of the ruling party: when cow ah guh a slaughterhouse….

GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Friday, 08 May 2015 22:05 – Written by  GHK Lall

The calls from various circles are for the cleaning up a real nasty campaign. Call again. Guyanese (and foreigners) can call again unsuccessfully, as one struggling, increasingly desperate side is not listening. For a frenzied PPP has accumulated a record of practiced malice that is premeditated and calculated; there is no stopping it now. This is the damning picture that the public evidence reveals about the campaign run by the ruling PPP. It is one that is reckless, out-of-control, and dangerous to all society.

To date, and subject to correction, there has not been in the public domain a single offensive, even questionable utterance from the likes of David Granger and the APNU leadership. The same could also be said for the AFC men, who have succeeded in managing emotions better, resulting in public pronouncements that manifest a more temperate texture. They are more measured, more disciplined. The combined opposition, though under tremendous duress, has refused to be goaded, or trap itself, or respond in kind.  Continue reading

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society – GHK Lall

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:27  –  Written by  GHK Lall

Today there is loud talk of the militarization of the opposition.  It is part of the mauling of apprehensive supporters, through persistent injections of fear.  This was followed by the comment of “big trouble” brewing; and the bravado of being “battle ready.”  More and more this has progressed beyond the regular stridency of an election campaign, and clearly into the ferocity of war talk from a war party.  Today, however, the focus is on this business about “militarization.”

First, there is this pointed slur against those who have served this country loyally, including during multiple PPP administrations.  To attach sinister motives to their presence in the opposition ranks is not only disturbing, but dangerous.  The concern is self-serving, and ignores conveniently what has grown exponentially in this society under the PPP.  That is, the militarization of this society, through its own policies and actions, and its failures, too.  Continue reading

The most dangerous place in the country – letter by GHK Lall

The most dangerous place in the country – Parliament

Stabroek News  – November 19, 2012 Letters | GHK Lall

Parliament Building

A few weeks ago I wrote of how dangerous Guyana as whole has become. [see letter here – click].   Today, I place the spotlight on a particular place that is unquestionably the most dangerous place in this country.

Nobody wants to be the first to say it publicly, so I will do the dirty, thankless job.  At first I felt it would have been certain dark streets and notorious alleyways. Then I thought it would be that high-powered office on Vlissengen Road. While the latter comes very close, it does not house all of the sinister unsavoury characters.     Continue reading