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GUYANA: Venezuela Border: The Dean Rusk to President John Kennedy revelation – By Geoffrey Da Silva 

Map of Guyana – Disputed Area being claimed by Venezuela

This should put an end to contention that there is a legitimate controversy about Essequibo

In letters to the Editor dated September 18 and 27 and October 19 and 21 of 2020, I explored Venezuela’s unjustified and imperialist claim of the Essequibo and its coastal waters.

What is the origin of that claim? Why was the official claim made in1962, sixty-three years after the Paris Arbitral Award of 1899 confirmed that the border between Guyana and Venezuela is “complete, perfect and final”? Why was a claim not made in 1920, 1930, 1940 or 1950 or any other year before 1962?       Continue reading

GUYANA: Avoid borrowing for projects from future oil sales – Former Minister warns

Geoffrey Da Silva

He said that Guyana ought not to meet a point at which it is so over-dependent on oil income for its revenues that its public spending becomes unrestrained and it is betting on the arrival of money from oil it plans to sell.        Continue reading