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Violence in America – Hubert Williams – commentary

Violence  in  America

By  Hubert  Williams

            Boston, Massachusetts, July 27, 2012 – -Every time some idiot takes a weapon(s), which the United States Constitution gives him the legal right to have, and murders people he has never met, this nation rises up in remorse, but then settles back comfortably to await the next appalling repetition.

From the way the public speaks, the possession of deadly weapons is a prerogative many Americans treasure.

Under the 1791 provision of the Bill of Rights (the Second Amendment) each man (woman, and it appears some teenagers, too) has the right to keep and bear arms; and the right-wing ‘gun lobby’ is such an influential force in American politics that there will be no significant change to the law, nor will the killing frenzy cease in my lifetime.   Continue reading

Teaching Entrepreneurship – editorial

Teaching Entrepreneurship


To say that we need to educate our ‘people’ to progress in this 21st century has now become quite clichéd. It is not that we have not explored the exhortation: we have referred earlier this week to the efforts of the Ministry of Education to better deliver the goals of improved literacy and numeracy to our students. The government has also emphasised IT4D – Information Technology for Development and has introduced laptops and Educational TV. Witness the efforts to produce better results at CSEC Maths.

But we have created a vicious cycle. Many students see education as irrelevant and drop out of schools or set low personal goals. Students’ poor performances in turn reinforce educators’ narrow focus on the fundamentals of core subjects – see above – making school feel even more irrelevant to students. Breaking this cycle is critical to our ability to “educate our way to a better economy.”

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