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Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

JUNE 3, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
By Ralph Seeram – From the Diaspora

She came into the store with a melancholy look and all teary eyed, so I inquired what’s wrong. I was thinking maybe she had a death in the family or perhaps one of her children had fallen ill. Then she replied, “Today is my birthday”.
“Your birthday”? I asked. “Then you should be celebrating, why the tears”
She replied “I am getting old” and burst into a fresh round of tears and sobbing.

I was confused for a moment. She was attractive, had a great personality and was only in her early thirties, a single mother of two, and she was a regular customer of the store I then owned. I was wondering why it bothered her so much about getting older.  Continue reading

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