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The PPP central executive and the ‘Gang of 8’ – Letter by Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr)

The PPP central executive and the ‘Gang of 8’

Stabroek News- June 15, 2015  In Letters: by Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr)

In my recent letters, I have alluded to the PPP’s Gang of 8, and so as not to have the public confused, let me now name the Gang: Mr Jagdeo, Dr Luncheon, Mr Ramotar, Mr Rohee, Ms Teixeira, Mr Zulfikar Mustapha, Dr Frank Anthony and Mr Kellawan Lall. These persons constitute a majority in the central executive of 15 members and they stick together like crazy glue, outvoting and outvoicing the other 7 members, who fall in line with the ‘yes-man’ syndrome.

The ultimate and only decision-making body in the PPP is this central executive which is akin to the traditional communist politburo, and which could be found in the whole communist world before its collapse.  Continue reading

Guyana Elections: The return of Mr Jagdeo – commentary

The return of Mr Jagdeo – commentary

Former President Bharat Jagdeo

Former President Bharat Jagdeo

March 23, 2015 · Stabroek News – Editorial

After maintaining public silence for more than three years, former President Jagdeo seized the centre stage earlier this month, first at Babu Jaan on March 8th in a widely reviled presentation and then on March 10th at a hastily convened press conference at Freedom House where he sought to defend his actions but only succeeded in stirring up animosities over his remarks about the Jagans.

Just over two weeks earlier, Mr Jagdeo also featured prominently when President Ramotar mind-bogglingly named him to head up a National Economic Council which one presumes would take off if the PPP/C were returned to office. Why would the President see the need to make this appointment now or to limit his options after the elections are over? Further, it is most unusual for a President to accord his immediate predecessor such an important position in policy making and even rarer for the predecessor to accept. Who would really be running the show? The President or Mr Jagdeo?  Continue reading

Mr. Ramkarran and the PPP – commentary

Mr. Ramkarran and the PPP

Stabroek staff On July 8, 2012  Editorial | Comments

Guyanese politics could hardly be accused of being boring – at least most of the time. And last week it lived up to its reputation with the resignation of Ralph Ramkarran from the PPP and the revelation that the government had hired a Trinidad-based Senior Counsel to assist them with their case against the budget cuts in the High Court.

It was the resignation of Mr Ramkarran, of course, which stopped the party and the nation in their tracks, although one might have thought that given the recent tenor of his contributions to the Weekend Mirror, it should have occurred to his more discerning comrades that trying to bully him into submission was not the recommended strategy if they wanted to keep him within the fold. And they surely wanted to keep him within the fold, since they are now seeking an accommodation, which is why there has been none of the vilification which accompanied the exile of Messrs Ramjattan and Nagamootoo from the bosom of Freedom House.   Continue reading

Budget cuts “poisonous”, “national interest” – Ramotar

Budget cuts “poisonous”, “national interest”  to guide future decisions – Ramotar

President Ramotar’s address to the nation follows

Friday April 27, 2012

President Donald Ramotar Friday night labelled the opposition’s budgetary cut of almost GUY$21 billion “poisonous” and aimed at stealing power by creating economic and social instability.

“Using the dictatorship of one which they have in Parliament they want to stymie further progress obviously in the hope that if they can stop the development of our country they would advance their political mission which is to take power, even if is at the expense of ordinary Guyanese well-being,” he said.

He also accused A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) of back peddling on an agreement with government to hike electricity rates in Linden after the Alliance For Change (AFC) sought to capitalize on the impending increase. Continue reading

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