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HISTORY: The Haitian Revolution: Drama, Impact and legacy on the Caribbean and Americas – – By Nigel Westmaas 

Toussaint Louverture
Toussaint Louverture
“Haiti has repeatedly been punished for its original sin of racial insurgency”
  • Johnhenry Gonzalez, Maroon Nation: A History of Revolutionary Haiti

Haiti’s revolutionary history and the real sources of its perennial failure as a nation state in modern times has too often been denied, sanitized or ignored in general narratives about the country and society. More people are now challenging the pathology about Haiti, that is, the notion that Haiti is poor because it is poor, an impression completely unmoored from Haiti’s significant challenge to the global world system and the penalties that derived from that incipient bravery of declaring a free and independent black republic.

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BOOK: Top author Richard Cohen stirs anger with ‘too white’ history – The Guardian. UK

Richard Cohen’s new book, which has reportedly been dropped by his US publisher despite extensive additions, is still set for British release next month

From left: abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass, educator and writer Booker T Washington and American writer and sociologist WE Du Bois.
From left: abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass, educator and writer Booker T Washington and American writer and sociologist WE Du BoisPhotograph: Getty
— Sun 16 May 2021 06.15 BST – The GUARDIAN UK.
It has taken nearly a decade to research and write, and runs to more than 750 pages. But The History Makers, described as “an epic exploration of those who write about the past”, has itself been rewritten after its author failed to take into account enough black historians, academics and writers.

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Frederick Douglass – Exhibition Marks Anti-Slavery Campaigner’s 200th Birthday

Exhibition Marks Anti-Slavery Campaigner’s 200th Birthday

Frederick Douglass

Kenny Smith | Scottish Field

The 200th anniversary of the birth of anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass is to be celebrated at the National Library of Scotland from Thursday, 4 October.

In a world-first, items from the Frederick Douglass family collection will be on public display.

The letters, speeches and photographs from the Walter O. and Linda Evans Collection, which until now have never been seen by the public, are on loan to the National Library for a display to mark the occasion.

Walter O. Evans is a collector and conservator of African American art, history and culture. He personally delivered the material to the Library in August, and returns to Edinburgh later this week for the launch of Strike for Freedom: Slavery, Civil War and the Frederick Douglass Family.     Continue reading

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