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 Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

The Guyana Police Force and the Georgetown City Police, have increased their efforts in bringing LAW and ORDER to our dear country – but generally, only to the small man and the small woman, it seems. In this article, I am sharing with you some candid photographs of how the Law Men and Law Women are operating during this Jubilee Year, which is not totally over.

All this is happening at a time when the government has informed the Nation of the many alleged multi-million dollar crimes and corruption and the many serious alleged frauds by High Profile (former) government Operatives. These were uncovered by Forensic Audits, exposing some really important and very powerful (former) Operatives in the country, as being really Big Time CrooksContinue reading

Corruption in Guyana: A case of stealing more than one can hide – By Adam Harris

Corruption” A case of stealing more than one can hide

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Guyana: The police have their work cut out – By Adam Harris

The police have their work cut out

 Jun 19, 2016 – Kaieteur News- Features / Columnists, Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

The jubilee is over, but there were things that lingered. One of them is the focus on the government. In the run-up to the jubilee there was a focus on the things being uncovered by the forensic audits. There were gross irregularities, monumental embarrassments, and a casual display of irresponsibility when it came to public funds.

The wider public read about these things and wondered about the absence of prosecution. Deputy Chef de Mission of the United States embassy, Bryan Hunt, openly said that there should be prosecutions. He posited that if he were to fiddle with state funds and get away with it, then there was nothing to stop his successors from doing the same.   Continue reading

Guyana: A culture of dishonesty – commentary

Guyana: A culture of dishonesty

opinionJun 11, 2016 Editorial, – Kaieteur News

Fraud seems to be commonplace in the society. The forensic audits have uncovered many instances. The argument is that no individual has been fingered so it is difficult to institute charges. However, numerous files have been handed over to the police for action.

In one case, to wit, the file on the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited, NICIL, there is one school of thought that suggests that the statute of limitation has passed. The argument is rooted in the Companies Act and states inter alia, “A prosecution for an offence under this Act or the regulations may be instituted at any time within two years from the time when the subject matter of the prosecution arose.”   Continue reading

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