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Georgetown, Guyana: An inundated city once again

Georgetown Guyana: An inundated city

Long boots were the only sensible option at Bourda Market.JANUARY 17, 2014 | BY  |  EDITORIAL

The rains came with a vengeance on Tuesday, January 14, 2014  and as has become the norm, the city flooded. There was water covering almost every street to the extent that motorists had to drive carefully, if only to avoid the ditches that lined the roads.

[Picture shows flooding at Bourda Market]

The water rushed into homes and destroyed carpeting and furniture. In one home there was as much as ten inches of water in the bottom flat. Schools closed their doors for the second time in as many months and people had to wade to get to and from their homes.  Continue reading

Georgetown, Guyana – A Political pawn – commentary

Georgetown, Guyana –  A Political pawn

December 1, 2013 · Stabroek News· Editorial   Comments   

One might be forgiven for thinking that we have a government which is incapable of making simple deductions, or learning from experience, or alighting on an obvious solution to an old, old problem. And the temptation to accept these hypotheses about the administration’s limitations was never greater than on Wednesday of last week.  [see Stabroek news editorial “Flooding” at end of this article.]

There was the city and its environs, home to perhaps anything like a quarter or more of this nation’s population (no one can be quite sure since the results of the 2012 census have not yet been published), under several inches of filthy water. Schools in the capital and on the East Bank and East Coast had to be closed – 43 were still closed on Thursday and 15 on Friday – many businesses could not function and normal economic and social activity was severely disrupted.

Now one might have thought it would have occurred to those who rule over us that a situation like this occurring as it does with such unrelenting regularity would be totally unacceptable in any major urban area, let alone in a capital city. Georgetown is, after all, the hub of business and commerce in this nation, and it attracts people from a considerable distance seeking to access its services or earn their living.  So what on earth is the government thinking?  Continue reading

Heavy rains and flooding close schools in Demerara, Guyana

 Heavy rainfall, flooding force closure of govt-run schools in G/town, East Coast, East Bank Dem.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 – by   – Demerara Waves

Heavy rainfall, flooding force closure of govt-run schools in G/town, East Coast, East Bank Dem.

Residents along several coastal area on Wednesday (November 27) ,  woke up to flooded yards, lower flats, streets and even roads due to heavy incessant rainfall.
While several huge pumps have been activated, gravity drainage into the sea and rivers is not expected until around 6 PM Wednesday.      Continue reading

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