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Bloodied APNU detainees freed without charge

Bloodied APNU detainees freed without charge

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol –  Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 16:58

The rubber bullet-riddled back of James Bond

A Guyana-born American, in whose welfare the United States embassy here has been paying keen attention, and former Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff, Edward Collins are among nine persons released from police custody without charge.

Shortly after former GDF Captain, Fitzroy Corlette,61, was freed he was interviewed by officials of the American embassy who were waiting patiently outside the Brickdam Police Station on him. His lawyer, Michael Somersaul had notified the embassy of his detention.  Continue reading

“Desist from shooting innocent people”- Granger

“Desist from shooting innocent people”- Granger   |  |
Written by Denis Scott Chabrol
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 14:19

Riot police and APNU protesters square off at Louisa Row and Hadfield Street.

Even as police insist that Tuesday morning’s march was illegal and resulted in several persons being shot with rubber bullets and arrested, leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Retired Brigadier David Granger is insisting that they have a legitimate right to protest to support their demands for reconciliation of Poll Statements in the November 28 general election.  Continue reading

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