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Why Are So Many Men On A Marriage Strike? (Dr. Helen Smith Compilation)

Why Are So Many Men On A Marriage Strike? (Dr. Helen Smith Compilation)

There are many reasons why a lot of men aren’t getting married.The wonderful Dr. Helen Smith explains many of the reasons why this modern phenomenon is happening! (Feminism, would be one of the main reasons, obviously).

Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!



There’s a new craze in China. A group of women will surround a woman accused of cheating with someone they know and strip her completely naked in the streets whilst kicking slapping, punching and even lobbing great lumps of poo at her!

No judge. No jury.

Just a bunch of vengeful witches. Where is the man she was unfaithful with (allegedly) – Either tucked up at home eating food his wife just made or sleeping with someone else. No justice needed for him apparently.
They even did this in front of a bawling child. No one in 3 video’s I have seen stepped in to help.

The goal? Excessive humiliation.


In the modelling industry, the people maintaining the status quo of photo-shopping women into stick insects and unnecessarily abusing and demoralizing young healthy sized women who want to be models are mostly women, not men.


It is…

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