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The Guyana Police Force: two commentaries

The uniformed Bad Boys of the Guyana Police Force and their overridden Commissioner –  commentary

Written by realTalk  – Demerara Waves – Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Since 1992, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has consistently failed in its mandate to protect and serve the people of Guyana. Instead, it has become a most corrupt and brutal force, in the defense of notorious drug lords, lawless and incompetent politicians, and the friends of the friends who enjoy close affiliation with the ruling party. Guyanese continue to be intimidated and terrorized by the bands of uniformed bad boys belonging to the GPF.

That the tragedy of Linden occurred with the police at the center of it ought not to surprise Guyanese. Extrajudicial killings from post 1992 became the hallmark of the GPF.  Read more:   [The uniformed Bad Boys of the Guyana Police Force]

The Undermining of the Police Chief by the PPPC government has caused untold suffering for Guyanese

The questioning of Acting Police Chief Leroy Brummel revealed what some knew and many had suspected for years. That the Police Chief was largely a nominal figure. A place holder position designed by Rohee and the PPPC government and that the Police Department has been deliberately under-resourced, under-manned, under-paid and under-trained by the PPPC government. What was also made clear is how the Police Chief was systematically undermined and his authority usurped to ensure that he would only as powerful as Rohee and the PPPC government wanted him to be.    Read More  [The Undermining of the Police Chief]

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