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THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT – by Waltie Ainsworth


A-SO-ME-LIKE-AM (That’s the way I like it)      01 05 2012

By  Ewalt Waltie Ainsworth

There are no cures, no cues, no causes, no cranking, no cushions or no calls to stop the perennial fraud and corruption that is growing like a cancer in Guyana.  In every sector of the society, every region, every institution, every religion, every race, every age, gender or sexual preference; every consumer item or service, has a big ‘corruption’ stamp on it.

The first baby that was born New Years day, when she saw the black nurse with arms outstretched to slap her flat behind and  welcome her to the new world, took her own hands and turned back the clock one hour to New York standard time.  Even at birth, the babies are corrupt and corruptible.  A-so-me-like-am. Continue reading

OFFICER’S KWANZAA MESS – By Waltie Ainsworth


BY  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth         12 23 2011

A few days short of KWANZAA celebrations in the Diaspora, messed-up Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force, Henry Greene, is demanding that all his outstanding mess-bills be covered and or written off.  Mr. Greene is also demanding an exit package tantamount to and similar to that given to Bharrat Jagdeo.

Mr. Greene, who is a legal luminary and greedy pimpernel, is pointing his finger at Jagdeo and his cohorts for allegedly getting him in “this mess.’  Jagdeo/Roger Khan Inc chauffeured Greene into the top-cop position against the advice and counsel of  US, Canadian and European embassies.    Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH      12 25 2011

This is an unsolicited gaffe from my brethren and country man, Cumfa drummer, anta-banta specialist and solo band leader Jeggae.  Any other performer of his ilk, status and tenacity is a be-spectacled mock.  Early, early in the new year, Jeggae’s new album SAPODILLA SWEETER THAN LORD JESUS will be on the market.  And be assured, it is a tribute to the visible women in his life.  He treats and relishes them all like sapodillas.

In the diaspora, Jeggae is just Jeggae or if you put a handle pon he name, is Iron Jeggae.  Jeggae does not have mister, sir, your honor, comrade or any of those zany salutations.  This note was written on Christmas day as Jeggae ferried the garlic pork, pepperpot and souse to his mom, Lynette.  She was briefly hospitalised and he suspended all commitments, real and perceived, to be her caregiver…. Happy Kwanzaa to the gross man. Continue reading

MASCOBEE… A BOXING DAY SAGA – by Waltie Ainsworth


By: Ewalt ‘Waltie’ Ainsworth                   12 19 2011

Mascobee was a visible minority, and “witless Putagee bastard,” according to his father.  He was a constant annoyance, practiced bestiality, lied on patacake, connoisseur, vagabond and a dam scamp; separately and sometimes all together.

One Christmas holiday season, he was caught on the seawall penetrating a crab hole.  Word spread quickly in the community about Putagee Joe (alias Mascobee), pursuing happiness in the mud and that did not stop him.  Mascobee almost lost a vital part of his anatomy as a blue crab disregarded his chants for help making multiple incisions below his waist. Continue reading

YARROW at YULETIDE – by Waltie Ainsworth


(see the definition of YARROW at the end of this article)

By Ewalt ‘Waltie’ Ainsworth                   12 17 2011

Talk fuh sun and talk fuh rain, Christmas time is much more than  the feast, the conkie, the souse, the float,  the cake, the pepperpot, the garlic pork, the shine rice, the guava cheese and oil down.  It is also a time to sit together, compare notes, plant a seed,  rearrange your thoughts, take stock and take care of each other;  love your neighbor as you love yourself.  It is pointless putting it off till next year Christmas.  Now is the time.

The new currency is diversity and plurality and to  reach out to your neighbor in spite of how difficult it may seem, brings a certain calm, a certain grace rather than the constant bark and yarrow that we think is normal and acceptable in the 592 republic.  The barrel come, share the contents.  Take what is yours and free up what is not yours.  And you will not have to yarrow anytime soon; not now, not later.    Continue reading



By  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth                12 15 2011

Left hand should never know what right hand is handing out especially at Christmas when the demands are greatest on families, with jobs fleeting and money tight.  The global attitude must be gratitude but GT peeps, want to have it their way, all, all the time .  Some comrades have grown cruel so that they can be kind to the folks back home and at the same time, keep their own ship from sinking.

The mantra of sleeping less, eating less and talking less sounds good on a tweet or Facebook but when the  Christmas season rolls around, beggars become choosers. The ‘begee,’ has to become creative and work to death so that friends and family can stay alive.   All this time, everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong.  Douglar Evelyn, from Far-Rockaway, a New York ethnic enclave, has withdrawn from society and may need some divine intervention to help right side her dilemma.    Continue reading

ONE HAND CAN’T CLAP – by Waltie Ainsworth


By Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth                12-12- 2011

It takes two to tango and right now, the Ramotar Presidency is suffering from a slight hangover the morning after the night before.   Over the years, the last two decades, they have become addicted to doing as they like in Parliament, running rough-shod over the Corbin led administration.  There has been a change of the guards and the call has gone out already, for “shared governance”.  Participation in the budget planning is the first step because one hand cannot clean fish, grate coconut, ketch bed bugs and or clap.

Some operatives in the APNU are up in arms against Khemraj Ramjattan for the position of Speaker.  In my estimation, he would make a better Prime Minister and reserve the speaker-ship for a Faith or a Debbie or even a Theresa for that matter.  The position of Speaker is within the grasp of all these women, singularly and collectively and would be an asset to Ramotar as he stumbles, bumbles, grumbles and tumbles head over heels.  It is lonely at the top and the inner man, the inner strength, is restricted and restricting.

A run-off election may be a heartbeat away because incompetence is yeasting hour by hour, day by day.                Continue reading

RED AND WHITE THREAD – by Waltie Ainsworth

RED AND WHITE THREAD                                 

By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth                    12-10- 2011

While the Red Thread women in Guyana are marching, protesting, demanding shared governance and a halt to the shooting of their men and children, the other white meat, Indo Guyanese, are disentangling from their other ethnic counterparts in North America.  This is direct fallout from the alleged falsified accounting and rigging of the elections.  The lines that divide are visible, pronounced, vexing and immediate.

The examples are varied and various and are also happening in the Regions on a smaller but manageable scale. One of Victoria’s most prominent families, a husband and wife team of medical practitioners, have been able to overcome their differences.  Surely, their overseas partners should take a leaf out of their book.  The husband, Dr. Cummings, was a candidate for the affected PPP while his wife, Karen, also a doctor, was a candidate for the afflicted APNU.  The children hanged TUF: (The United Force).  You cannot beat that in a month of Sundays.          Continue reading

JUAN ‘NEEMAKARAM’ by Waltie Ainsworth


By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth                       12 07 2011

Commonsense is not a by-product of rage or bullying.  And so  the brand new second hand/hand me down Donald Ramotar Presidency is enraged, stumbling, bumbling, collapsing as the joint APNU strengthens its hand for a curriculum of inclusion in governance.

Immediate Past President Bharrat Jagdeo is stuffing more of his henchmen on Ramotar and the Guyanese people without looking over their shoulders.  These neemakarams in the cabinet, executive offices and security details are toxic misfits and fiduciary plunderers.  “You bad, you glad” perhaps is the password to higher service.

Neemakaram is a Hindi word, loosely translated means that the operatives are not worth their salt.  On Monday, first official day in office after rigging the November 28 Guyana elections, Mr. Ramotar announced 20 cabinet appointments, headlined by Preacher and cultural cartoon, Juan Edghill, as Minister in the Ministry of Finance.  This is way out of his stream, indoctrination, training, exposure and or expertise.  Edghill may be a good coteur in a frock, but Finance Minister is both gross and ridiculous.  Continue reading

STREAMS AND SCREAMS – by Waltie Ainsworth


By EWALT (Waltie) AINSWORTH             11 28 2011

Winning is good; it feels good but not sufficient at this time.  The screams of the children who go to bed hungry, dealing drugs at the street level or forced to learn in challenging circumstances, has to be halted.  The stream of young adults leaving back track to work in blue light districts or cut bananas with their CXC exam results in their hip pockets is ridiculous.

Mr. Granger, on his listening tour is aware of these deficiencies and maladies.  The corrective process has begun with the people and institutions linking hearts and hands forging a mindset of ethical growth and development.  Continue reading

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