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Caribbean seals deal for 1M doses of expected COVID-19 vaccines -Guyana not among listed countries

Dr Joy St John
Dr Joy St John
Guyana is not listed in the PAHO press release as one of the 12 states to benefit.                

CARPHA Executive Director Dr Joy St John today underscored her appreciation for the swift commitment of the two agencies which resulted in the transfer of funds as a down payment to PAHO to be routed through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which is the administrator of the COVAX Facility.    Continue reading

Trump says Europe is in trouble. He has a point – By Sebastian Mallaby

Trump says Europe is in trouble. He has a point.

By Sebastian Mallaby January 17 at 7:46 PM

Sebastian Mallaby is a Post contributor and Paul A. Volcker senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is author of “The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan.”


President-elect Donald Trump

Germany’s foreign minister reports “astonishment and agitation.” The French president protests indignantly about unsolicited “outside advice .” Even Secretary of State John F. Kerry sees behavior that is “inappropriate.” President-elect Donald Trump’s weekend interview, in which he casually predicted the breakup of the European Union, has certainly attracted attention. But despite the consternation, there is some truth in Trump’s message. The E.U., he observed, is dominated by Germany. “People, countries want their own identity,” he said.      Continue reading

Britain’s new Prime Minister – Theresa May

Britain’s new Prime Minister – Theresa May

A no-nonsense conservative has taken Britain’s helm. She should make the case for a minimalist Brexit 

Theresa May

Theresa May

July 16th 2016 | The Economist

THEY campaigned to Leave, and they were as good as their word. Three weeks on from their referendum triumph, the politicians who led the charge for Britain to quit the European Union have fallen by the wayside in the race to replace David Cameron as prime minister. This week the last of the prominent Leavers, Andrea Leadsom, withdrew her candidacy after a few days’ media scrutiny revealed her to be fantastically ill-prepared. The job of steering Britain towards the EU’s exit doors has thus fallen to the only candidate left in the race: Theresa May, who campaigned to Remain.   Continue reading

Effects of BREXIT: 2008 All Over Again- By Chris Hedges

2008 All Over Again – By Chris Hedges – June 26, 2016 – Nation of Change

“Britain’s withdrawal from the eurozone will damage not only the international banking system, but hamper Washington’s aggressive policies toward Russia and the Ukraine.”

Brexit logoGreat Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has wiped out many bankers and global speculators. They will turn, as they did in 2008, to governments to rescue them from default. Most governments, including ours, will probably comply.

Will the American public passively permit another massive bailout of the banks? Will it accept more punishing programs of austerity to pay for this bailout? Will a viable socialism rise out of the economic chaos to halt further looting of the U.S. Treasury and the continued reconfiguration of the economy into neofeudalism? Or will a right-wing populism, with heavy undertones of fascism, ascend to power because of a failure on the part of the left to defend a population once again betrayed?   Continue reading

EU deal gives UK special status, says PM David Cameron

EU deal gives UK special status, says PM 

February 19, 2016 – BBC News

David Cameron says a deal struck with EU counterparts will give the UK “special status” and is enough for him to recommend remaining in the union.

David Cameron says a deal struck with EU counterparts will give the UK “special status” and is enough for him to recommend remaining in the union.

The PM said the agreement, reached after drawn-out talks in Brussels, would include a seven-year “emergency brake” on welfare payments.

He added the deal included changes to EU treaties and would be presented to his cabinet on Saturday at 10:00 GMT.   Continue reading

Traveling Through Multiple Europes

Traveling Through Multiple Europes

Geopolitical Weekly – Stratfor – Tuesday, November 4, 2014 –

Europe is overcrowded with people and with nations. Six decades ago, the need to suppress the dangerous forces of nationalism led to the unprecedented political, economic and social experiment now known as the European Union. The hundreds of thousands of EU citizens working across the Continent and the lack of border controls between member states show that the experiment has been successful in many ways. However, rising nationalism, pervasively high unemployment and a growing sense of frustration with governing elites also highlight the serious limitations of the European project. Over the past 12 months, I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, observing firsthand how the global economic crisis is reawakening dormant trends along the Continent’s traditional fault lines.

The crisis is having an uneven effect on EU member states because the eurozone locks countries with different levels of economic development into the same currency union. Europe’s geography helps explain these differences: Countries in the south have traditionally dealt with high capital costs and low capital-generation capacity, while countries in the north have seen the opposite.   Continue reading

Challenge to Britain’s ruling conservatives

Challenge to Britain’s ruling conservatives

P.M. David Cameron

P.M. David Cameron

If British Prime Minister David Cameron felt that with the No vote in Scotland he would have a respite from political pressures, the loss of one of his Conservative Party’s seats in a by-election last week will quickly have brought him back to reality. For the result of the poll marks the victory of a fringe offshoot of the Conservatives, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) which has opposed Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union.

To make it worse, the UKIP’s victory was the result of the resignation of a Conservative Member of Parliament from both his seat and the Party who, by joining UKIP made it clear that the centrepoint of his challenge was Britain’s EU membership.   Continue reading

EU to give G$4b for sea defences but conditions have to be met

EU to give G$4b for sea defences but conditions have to be met

(Stabroek  News  – January 31, 2014 ) –  Guyana’s besieged sea defences are in line for a G$4b injection from the European Union but it will first require the government spending G$5.5b over the next three years and fulfilling a host of conditions.

A release from the European Union office here said that the Government of Guyana, represented by Minister of Finance and National Authorising Officer, Dr. Ashni Singh, on January 31, signed the Financing Agreement for the 10th EDF Sea and River Defence Sector Budget Support Programme, valued at €14.8M (US$19.7m) at the Ministry of Finance. The Head of the EU Delegation to Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecký and Minister of Public Works and Communications,  Robeson Benn, witnessed the signing. The Agreement was signed in EU HQ in Brussels by Jolita Butkeviciene, Director for Latin America and Caribbean of the European Commission’s Directorate for Development and Cooperation.

Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 19 Sep 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 19 Sep 2013

  • Clement Rohee stands by his vision for security sector despite the increase in crime
  • Private Sector wants support for local industry while Government believes there is a stone shortage.
  • Police hunts for man who murders businessman on the West Coast
  • Housing Minister says the sector is moving although National Assembly questions land distribution
  • The European Union will continue its commitment with the Caribbean region
  • Report blames Pilot error for Caribbean Airlines crash
Clement Rohee stands by his vision for security sector despite the increase in crime  Posted: 19 Sep 2013 06:35 PM PDT
Private Sector wants support for local industry while Government believes there is a stone shortage.   Posted: 19 Sep 2013 06:34 PM PDT     Continue reading

Expansion of Ogle airport runway completed

Expansion of Ogle airport runway completed

MAY 9, 2012 | BY  |

 –    Facility to be commissioned today – May 9, 2012

A major project to lengthen the runway at Ogle Airport to allow regional flights and bring it to regional standards, and which will allow for the landing of ATR and Dash 8 series class of aircraft has been completed.

The European Union, through a CARICOM facility, and with support of the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana and the Government of Guyana, had provided funding of 1.5M Euros for the Phase II project of the airport to lengthen it by a further 2,200 feet and widening it by 40 feet.

Work commenced on the runway project in 2009 by BK International and was completed and approved last month, after a number of delays.    [more]

Ogle Airport operators must be competitive – Ramotar

Services offered at the Ogle Airport are now indispensable. The location has become a major hub for interior flights. It enables miners and  timber operators an assured source to move their supplies and personnel, says President Donald Ramotar.
According to Ramotar, Ogle has a great future. The airport is ideally located in proximity of population centres and is therefore convenient as a connecting port between hinterland and the coast…. [more]

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