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BOOK: From Rags to Riches: Is Guyana Ready for the Oil Bonanza? – by Terence M Yhip 

Published in Paperback – Jan. 5 2021 – by Terence M. Yhip 

Terence M. Yhip, a Ph.D Economics from McGill University, is currently a partner of Ideal Advisory Services (IAS), Toronto. He was Visiting Fellow at UWI, Mona, Jamaica after a long and distinguished career in economics, banking and finance in Canada, US, UK, Bahrain and the Caribbean.  The author urges the Guyanese diaspora to read the book for a clear understanding of exactly where Guyana lost significantly from the ExxonMobil production sharing agreement governing the offshore Stabroek concession.
Whether Guyana succeeds with the oil money only time will tell, but much hangs on local politics, corruption and accountability, management of the Natural Resource Fund, and macroeconomic policies to prevent Dutch Disease, which has afflicted Trinidad and Tobago as it struggles with the fact that oil and gas reserves will dry up this decade barring new major finds.      Continue reading
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