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Suriname taxes gold miners en masse

Suriname taxes gold miners en masse

Posted By Stabroek staff On August 2, 2012  Regional News | (de Ware Tijd)

 PARAMARIBO — The revenue service has sent tax assessment forms en masse to entrepreneurs in the gold mining industry, especially those that have put up a lucrative business.

Owners of the so-called ‘gold pontoons’ and ‘scalians’ the colossal vessels on the Corantijn, Suriname and Marowijne Rivers are the first to be taxed. Revenue Service director Tony van Dijk confirms sending the assessment forms. ‘We know that mostly foreigners that have put up a lucrative gold mining business. It does not matter if the businesses in fact belong to Surinamers, they have to pay. Owners of concession and heavy equipment are also taxed. I would not be able to look the man in the street in the eye if I ignored the gold industry.‘  Continue reading

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